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Your recently legal bought ADV/Sentai/Happy Carrot/Switchblade/Maiden Japan Media


Sentai Black Friday sale order 1 came today .
Expecting the others might be into next year from the level of sales I believe they hit during this one .

Order 1

Note: Stacking Blu-ray cases on a couch is hard with cat trying to keep investigating it is really hard . Had to throw a random toy to distract .


By the way here’s the listing on Amazon for the Small Size 4 disc BD cases that equate to the ones Funimation uses for their 4 disc sets, if you need replacements.


My black friday sale order has arrived:


November 2018 Anime Pick-Ups (Sentai Filmworks Black Friday Sale)


What a sweet haul Snowy!

Also, something a little stupid for not noticing earlier. Do you already have Hidamari Season 1 and x SP @Supermutant?


I got those a while back. I didn’t have the other sets. Picked up SP in 2012 and Season 1 in 2010.

Sentai Black Friday Order 3 :

Order 2 is taking the long way . Order 4 from the 19th shipped today . Also that Roku remote and Sentai titles go well together . :wink:

The first item from the Black Friday sale showed up today, and here's the label from the package:

That address belongs to none other than A.D. Vision (aka Asier Holdings)
Meaning this was sent from Sentai themselves! (Just like my NGNL PBS!)

Anyway, here it is!:

The Onigiri Bundle!

Xabungle came 2 weeks early from Rightstuf . 50 episodes and a movie on 2 disc . Sounds like it’s going to be awesome .

Sentai BF sale order 5 came from them as well . Just stuff I decided to get instead of wondering what if later .

Just waiting on Order 2 which seems to be lost in the postal system , order 4 which should be here Wednesday , and 4 backordered items .

@MaouSadao I’ve been looking at that every sale just having trouble pulling the trigger as even on sale it’s been a bit higher then the normal stuff .



Ive wanted it for some time now, and at $59.99 I couldn’t pass it up. Especially since it seems that this set is a much lower print than other series, not even adding the fact you can’t get it anywhere else.

Also, you and I seem to have similar tastes in anime :grin:


I looked into it during the Spring sale ,but money went to the PBS’s at that time . I had it in my cart this sale every order ,but it got the cut . Seems to keep happening .

I like slice of life , Mecha , superhero , and Magical Girl series ,but I’m pretty much down for any type of series . I check stuff out when I see people post if I find a deal and it looks good I’ll pick it up . I’m way behind on a lot of stuff to so it’s nice to see stuff posted to see if I want it . . These sales are allowing me to catch up and stuff I might have passed on .

Came today from Amazon and has a film strip piece . Will take a picture of what I got later in the thread for the show .

Intercession City had mail delivery today!!! Here is order #1 and the rest of the Onigiri order

Hidamari, Non Non, and Illya S1 got the BD upgrade :wink:

Also, just because:

Order 4 . Can’t beat 2645 min of classic anime for less then $25 .

On another note order 2 finally broke loose . So after that just waiting on those 4 backordered titles .


I actually got the Non Non Biyori Complete Collection, just for the fact that they recompressed the discs for S1 which originally only came out as 12 eps on 1 BD 50
The Complete Collection has S1 on 2 discs on a normal 9-3 split


That means the complete collection has better quality video in season 1 than from the original release, correct?



S5R Mod Edit: Basically on the original release it would be about 4 GB / Episode for Compression coming in at around 48 GB + 2 GB for the Menu / Extras. While in the Complete Collection Release your looking at around 5-ish GB / Episode Clocking in around 45-48 GB total + Extras

(Disclaimer: I’m not a Video Compression Expert, This is just my best guess)


More Black Friday goodies, and my Cyber Monday order:


Order 2 minus the three backordered items from it finally came today . My list says I have Little Busters Collection one already so left it off . Curious how does Sentai handle backorders ? Do they just eventually ship or should I contact them to see if they have them ?


I have an answer for that, as this isn’t the first time I’ve ordered something backordered.

Usually, once the item ships, they send you another email with tracking information. I ordered FOZ complete (yes I took that poll and everything, but Louise is too cute…) and it shipped today: