"Of all the souls I've encountered in my travels, his was the most ... human"

In case you have not noticed Dragoon is officially removed from the Mod list.

I was hoping he’d at least come back and let us know how he’s been getting along.

He’s still there! Just… less there. :frowning:

For thy I not met,
For the time we never spent,
Then until we meet.

(Or something along those lines. :huh: )

So wait till the Genesis device starts destroying the Genesis planet and we can pick him up?

You’re making me cry, Pup. :frowning:

He’ll still be around in the services section, which was his happy place. This one’s for you, son:


Poor goon. I knew him well. His memory shall live on, as will his mission! Viva la Resistance!

Attention! SAAALLLUUTEEEE! Will miss seeing him around.

finally, the replacement is dead…


That was a lovely tribute Pup!

I’d still like to think Dragoon will be back someday. But in the meantime, he is missed!

I hope he is well and happy wherever he is.

Keep Dragoon in your hearts and minds and he’ll always be part of this ever growing community. I too wish him the best.