Time to move on

After 4 years of being your Anime Network Services mod and bridging your concerns with the staff at Anime Network, consulting with them, making suggestions, writing reports etc. - it’s time for some change. I will be moving on at least temporarily for some weeks, up to 1-3 months, and potentially permanently to pursue new personal and professional opportunities. Slowhand and psychopuppet will be helping fill in the void and will now be dealing with the day to day service concerns to the AN staff (slowhand will be handling the weekly reports now). In the slim chance that I do get the time and opportunity to return, see you all in some months, but I honestly do not know what the future holds.

It has been a fun ride with ups and downs, but a lot of great memories here over the last 4 years.

I’ve also decided to close my blog which covers Sentai Filmworks, Section23 and Anime Network. More info at my final post at: http://www.sxanimedia.com/2010/03/sayonara.html

Thanks. Best of luck to you all.

Thanks for all the hard work and help. I hope the future is good to you and also hope to see you back someday. :slight_smile:

thats sad!!
hope all goes well with your next venture!!

peace and elbow grease!

:unsure: Hope you have a good time away from TAN , we will miss you! :frowning: :side:

It’s too bad your leaving our forums. You were always a great help to me, and I consider you my friend. While it’s unfortunate that your leaving, you did spend a whole lot of time and energy on this site for the last 4 or 5 years, and you deserve a break. Hopefully, we’ll see you back here in a few months, even if it is as a fan of anime, and not a moderator. Good luck with whatever you do in the future. I wish only the best to you. :frowning:

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v295/thecoffeegod/smilies/sad2.gifI’ll definitely miss you.
But what can you do, when life calls, it’s time to move on.

Thanks guys! Between this, twitter and all the emails I’m getting it’s been a very emotional day. Looking back with sentimentality, I’ve done quite a lot and spent a lot of time dedicated here. Lots of good memories. Hopefully I can return sooner than later, but likely in a very different capacity - more as just a fan.

I know we didnt speak much or get acquainted with one another but I want to wish you a good bye and good luck.

April fools! Right?


Fair winds and following seas, Dragoon. There will always be a place for you here.

Farewell and Godspeed


Live long and prosper

Thanks for everything dragoon. I will miss you too but I am hope this is a april fools thing. Either way thank you and good luck.

Thank you for everything Dragoon! I hope the future holds wonderful things for you!

This is still a very sad thing to hear. I have had a really great time talking to you over the years about anime and the industry. And I too consider you a friend. Not being able to talk to you about stuff over the next few months will be very hard on me. I don’t know what I’m ganna do! This is still making me sad :frowning: . You will never know how much you have helped out the industry with your blog and stuff on twitter. And you helped out the fans too. You have done so much man. We will all miss you dragoon! Thank you for everything Man, from helping me out on my blog, to just being my friend. I will AWAIT your triumph return.

Even though I got a heads up on this, it’s a bit of a shock to read. We will miss you Dragoon. Like many here I considered you a friend, and I will miss the many conversations we’ve had over the past year or two. It won’t be the same around here without you, or your blog.

Good luck in EVERYTHING!

Now, who is going to help me argue with the LP’s over at ANN? :frowning:

dragonrider_cody wrote:

Now, who is going to help me argue with the LP’s over at ANN? :([/quote]

I’d be glad to join in and lend you a hand. But first you will have to tell me what the “LP’s” are :stuck_out_tongue: .

so I think this is the part when we set fire to the house with Dragoon’s dead body still inside and just walk away.

good night sweet prince =/

Dragoon, I will certainly miss you and all you have done for me. If it wasn’t for you and TAN I doubt Suddenlink would have fixed their VOD issues years ago. (Now that I think of it I should have sent you the money I sent them about the problems.)

You have been one of the most friendly people I have ever talked to online and I always enjoyed the conversations we had here and on the old forum and over at Maina. I hope to see you around soon. Your blog was a work of art, I had it bookmarked on my cell phone so I could get the latest ADV/Section23 news lol.

I wish you great success on your next adventure in life and thanks for the many recommendations of ADV titles that proudly set on my shelf. If not for you I don’t think I would have 85% of what I have.

Oh man, that sucks! :frowning: The place wont be the same without you Goon. Wish you the best of luck. Don’t forget to stop by!

As the voice of reason here, you will be missed. Thank you for all your help with my U-Verse problem a few months ago. Good luck in your future ventures!

May the road rise to meet you.