Been a long time

Not to pull the typical Cliche monologue but I thought I’d do a post to see what everyone has been up to. I see that Dragoon still is nowhere to be found, that’s depressing. I just graduated college and before that haven’t had much time to do much of anything anime aside from some Kyoto animation products because those are always worth making time. I hope everyone is doing well and if anyone has heard anything from that guy let me know, he was always so composed it made for a great conversational atmosphere, which really seemed to bring everyone together.


Hey buddy! Nope, nowhere to be found, but he’ll probably give up trying to resist the urge to come back and chat. How’ve ya been?

Thanks for the reply. Well it has been a rough time in college, but after getting out I have just been relaxing, I also took time off of work so I really have not been doing much. Whats new around these parts?

We all miss Dragoon. Psychopuppet actually posted a thread about this absence not to long ago. Now going on 327 days since his departure.

What’s new here?
–Lots of new anime. Cleaning house you could say. Lots of titles just wented from subscribed status to Guest status thanks to Hulu. It’s great to be able to watch more.

–Pretear hasn’t been here in a long while.

–More and more posters have reached karma 100. Exciting moments.

–Newer posters have begun posting regularly here so we get more traffic around here.

All in all things have begun picking up and of course the fun never stops.

Well put, Snowy. Still waiting for someone to give a thought on using karma to unlock games or something…

That’s good to hear, time gets thin sometimes and people just aren’t able to keep up with everything. I wonder if Dragoon just needed some time off, or felt like he was no longer able to put in his long hours here. Maybe once I find a stable job I’ll be able to frequent more as well.

Bluebomber001 wrote:

Alas, that is also dragoon’s problem. Welcome back for the time being regardless!