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A new start to some old classics . In order to provide a easier and more streamline experience it was decided to make one thread for All Recently Bought Things Anime/Japan related (DVD/Blu-ray/Figures/Manga/Live Action/Merchandise/Video Games Etc.)

For DVD/Blu-ray/ no matter which studio be it Sentai , Funimation , Discotek , Media Blasters , Nozomi , etc , etc ,etc… it will go here . If it’s an Anime or Japan related purchase it goes here .

Now on the subject of Non-Anime/Japan related Media stuff you are welcome to post them here ,but put them in a hide details . If you take a picture as long as Anime or Japan is the main focus your also fine to post that here to . Of course if you feel more comfortable posting other media in the Movie/TV or Video Games thread your fine to continue posting those there . Only the old recently bought anime threads are locked .

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Guess I’ll be the one to christen it Lol.

My first ever order from AmiAmi:

They were listed as B quality, but aside from the boxes being opened, both Yami and Mikan look like new!

Close up shots. Sorry if they're blurry. Blame the plastic packaging...

Sad truth. Both of these lovelies cost about the same shipped from Japan as Mikan alone would cost in the US…

Added this in. It felt right to do:


Nendoroid and Hobby Japan Shimakaze from Amiami . Need to pick up the Amatsukaze figures for those at some point. Did get a Amatsukaze from Funny Knights ,but it’s got this faint pot smell and think I found a seed . So she’s getting de-scented . Aquamarine Major Damage Shimakaze I won off eBay box has some issues so pulled her out and put her with my prize figures . Senko Nendoroid from Amazon Japan .


Bunny # 3 :
Made 2 offers . 1st one seller came back higher then I was willing to go . So waited a week made another . It was accepted.
So I got a French Maid Bunny !
Seller wrapped her good , put her in a box with plenty of packing , taped the box , then put that box in another box well packed and taped that one up . I was getting worried since she was two days late and it was Fedex .

Because of the slightly blurry pictures here is one from the web of what she looks like out of the box .



She’s super adorable Pup!



Yea nice bidding psycho u good a winning there


#16 finally arrived!

There’s 2 more left to get, then the English manga set will be complete! (Unless Saki and Kentaro ever decide to make a third TLR manga series :crossed_fingers:)

As with volumes 2 and 15, it’s shrink wrapped :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Best Boy finally arrived:


Yui arrived Saturday and the rest today . Yui’ s box is beat up so removed her for pictures . She is in perfect shape and not worth the return hassle for what I paid . Did call Amazon and said something to logistics since her box was damaged before it was packed .
Senko playmat is a lot bigger then I thought . Some nice posters in the October issue of Megami .
Chisaki Bunny and Sagiri Noodle stopper now means I own all of the Yuuna Character figures (short of any acrylic ones) they have made at this time .

Now the only issue is I need another bunny to make a even half dozen .


Goodness! What a haul Pup!


An angel arrived from Japan today, alongside her “boat sister”.

If my research is correct, this is the very first scale Yami figure released, circa 2008 (While OG TLR was still on the air!).

More Pics of her. She's so beautiful!

And a close up on boat sister's box


There were 2 new figures that arrived today.

Firstly, a super tiny Yami, from around the time the Alpha Omega Yami-chan was released:

More pictures, and a size comparison

With Mini Neme-chan (my next smallest figure):

With Prize Special Mizuki Yami-chan:

And for lolz, with Bootleg Bunny Yami-chan:

Then, secondly, the one y’all have been waiting for. Bootleg Yukata Yami arrived. She is actually a newly released bootleg, as she just started being sold about the beginning of last month, despite her actual figure being over 4 years old now!

I’m gonna say it now, my Yami wuv chakra couldn’t save her…

Also, unlike the official Yukata Yami, she has nurples, so there is a possibility of NSFW. I tried my best to take shots that would obscure them, but still putting out the warning.

I'm sorry Yami 😭 NSFW

And with Official Yukata Yami


The Shimakaze Nendoroids arrived!

A little backstory: AmiAmi had 2 listed. One regular and one GoodSmile exclusive variant.

I got both of them…

Shipped, they together still cost about $5 less than the cheapest one on eBay!

They are both new too…

GS was listed as B/B, and regular was listed as C/C…

The regular one has some slight paint run, but it is heat damage, as her box had to have been displayed in direct sunlight, as the box is crushed pretty bad and sun damaged…

The GS one will stay in her box, and the regular one will be displayed.



Shimakaze herself:

And if you didn’t already know this was coming, then you must not know me at all…:

And of course:

We have Yamikaze and Shimayami! :rofl:


No more true LE’s for Jojo it seems .

Ai-Chan was $35 so said why not . Face is kind of meh though .


I had a massive Yami load today!

(That soooo doesn’t sound right…)

First, 2 mini posters:

I love the expression on Darkness Yami here, and the other is Yamikaze with the Deviluke sisters as her Rensouhous!

Then, another drink holder, this one still with her box:

And finally, an official Amakuni Yami-chan! This one had been opened, so it’s fair game to display her!

(The price was just too good to pass up on…)

Don't click this if you don't want to see more pics of her...

And Amakuni with the bootleg:

Do y’all now know what I meant by the hair on the bootleg figure was YELLOW?

Also, bootleg is slightly smaller :thinking:

More comparison shots!


Bought a stealth cosplay hoodie that looks like the scout division uniform in Attack on Titan.

As a warning to save you some hassle, it’s Asian or European sized so if I were you I’d take your normal size and add at least 2 sizes up otherwise it won’t fit (ex if you are large you want a 2x or a 3x if you are extra large).


Rebuy- Blue Seed Mitama Collection (ADV Films)
Blue Gender Anime Classics Complete Collection
Dirty Pair Collection 1


So, from the Sentai Labor Day sale:

SHIROBAKO Collection 1
SHIROBAKO Collection 2
Gourmet Girl Graffiti Complete Collection
Chaika - The Coffin Princess Complete Collection
Bloom Into You Complete Collection

This order is mostly DVD’s, I still don’t have Video Equipment where you can tell much difference between DVD & Blu-Ray.

Mark Gosdin


But, but, but…

Shirobako has a dub now…

(I’m just kidding. It actually does now, but I like the subbed version as well. :wink:)