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Buying Figures


I started a figure collection, Does anyone have need to know info about buying figures? manufactures I should look for? other info?
I bought 7 Figures at Anime Boston the manufacture for all are “Furyu” I got 4 Clannad Animal ver. figures, two Angel beats figures, and a “10th Key Memorial Fes.” of the girl from Air tv.

I am a “Furyu” figure collector, I like them.

I thought these were cute.


Let’s see if I can remember, a Naruto from one of those 25 cent machines, a Kamina and Yohko from Gurren Lagann, not a big fan of the Yohko, it is her teacher suit, but I buy those blind ones you can get from cons, a figure of Sogeking’s wanted poster, the Ho-oh and Lugia from Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, an Ed and Al from FMA, and my favorite, a figure of Gainer from Overman King Gainer, can’t wait to get a few more at Otakon, definitely Madoka and Star Driver if they are cheap.


Been thinking about picking up these.

I don’t really do figures. Only thing I have is the first line of Mcfarlane anime figures. I do have all of the 1/100 HG Gundam Wing line and most of the last Zoids line Hasbro released here. At least they are someplace. I honestly don’t really do figures because I use to be a toy collector and after I sold off most of my collection it seemed silly to buy more. Course I’ve done a impulse buy now and then. Most of it though was stuff I can sell down the road for more money for anime.