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All Recently Bought Things Anime/Japan related (DVD/Blu-ray/Figures/Manga/Live Action/Merchandise/Video Games Etc

These Arrived Today:


Arrived today :

Leaving the liner notes Manga book out for now . My box was a bit tight with it in …


Arrived/picked up today :
Earwig I threw in with a drive up order at Target .
Cecilia came from Amiami thankfully shipping was not as bad as I thought it’d be given some of the shocking ones I’ve seen . Finished the first set of IS 1/4 . Might if I can find a deal or they do a bare leg pick up Kanzashi from the bunny set .

Vinyl is the Tiger Lab non-subber exclusive versions . Shame I won’t be able to double dip on the 7 KOR imports like I can these .

Should have been another figure ,but she did not leave the Cincinnati hub even though both arrived the same time .
Have stuff coming in all week so will wait to the Rightstuf cluster that broke loose from 5 different orders arrives before I post again .

Edit: Keep missing the demon boobs . So changed picture to back covers .


While waiting for the next TOM sale I missed her . Amiami had a A grade B grade box one in when I ordered Cecilia. I splurged and got both . Not as cheap as TOM would have been ,but still cheaper then other sources .


Nurse Yami :yellow_heart::black_heart:

She can treat all lovesickness :heart::heart::heart:



Edit: Whoops forgot this showed up early this morning .


This showed up today!

The TLR Darkness Yami character CD!



Arrived today . 4th time buying Elfen Lied . Iron Girl i forgot I already posted it yesterday .


Arrived today : Oreimo S1 is the Japanese release which has English subs . Seller never actually watched as they had it listed without . Used my eBay bucks so got it cheap enough . Emma kickerstarter Book from one of the 3 or 4 Rightstuf eBay accounts .


A super tiny angel arrived Yesterday! She was small enough to actually fit into my P.O. box!

You may think I already have her, but you’re definitely wrong. The variant version has her holding a Taiyaki. :yellow_heart::black_heart:


First my Nendoroid $75 blind box arrived .

Fate blind box :

I’m happy with all of them .

Then this lovely that was the result of @MaouSadao showing me another Lala I now want . Got her for a bit less then her current going rate . Though seeing her and the Maid Mikan makes me a little sad I missed the Ques Q Rory Mercury figure .


Tearju is rummaging through her closet. “Where did I put that taiyaki hairpin I got for Eve?”

She shuffles through it some more. “Oh my!” Retrieving an outfit from a box at the bottom. “The outfit I used to wear when I was a teacher at Sainan High! I wonder if it still fits…”

A short while later, Yami and Mikan are conversing.

Mikan: “Is that so?”

Yami: “Exactly as I said.”

Tearju enters, and walks over to them. “Eve. I had gotten this as a gift for you a little while ago, but misplaced it. I’m sorry.”

Yami smiles slightly. “Thank you Tear. But may I ask why you’re wearing that old outfit?”

Yami’s mommy in her school teacher outfit! :yellow_heart::black_heart:

I don’t know why, but this figure of her is fairly scarce.

It honestly seems that the only one that’s fairly easy to find is the one where she’s wearing Yami’s Darkness outfit. :thinking:


I’m not sure seems like almost all of the Furyu sets of To Love Ru prize figures 1 is harder to come by then the other . Though to be fair that is one of the more Accurate Tearju figures .

One thing I was not expecting to tomorrow given how DHL works arrived from Japan today : Azone Pure Neemo 1/6 Nyaruko doll .

Now if only I could find a good deal on the NGNL Shiro and Kantai Collection Shimakaze Pure Neemo dolls . Shimakaze is not to bad ,but a Shiro is up to at least $500 .


As of the current moment, Tearju only has 5 figures total: Darkness Outfit, Chibi Swimsuit, Skimpy Swimsuit, Teacher Outfit, and a very rare (only 100 made) chase version White jacket Teacher Outfit.

Out of them, this is the only figure where she is actually wearing an exact outfit she wore in the series.


Oh! Also,

She. Is. Adorable!!!


That one is in that mook .


Interestingly enough, Tearju is an oddity on that as well. She’s a lone Minna No Kuji, with no “sister figures”, unless you count the alternate colour version.



Where did you get the Japanese wrestling from?

My All the Anime Easter sale order arrived from overseas . Have three pre-orders ,but while one has shipped it’s getting handled by the post office if the tracking number is right and the other two don’t come out for around two weeks .


Not anime related but I thought I’d post it
Who’s Who Omnibus hardcover just arrived.

This thing is huge and could act as a doorstop


Arrived today :