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Anime Awards (All Seasons)


For the Summer 2015 Anime Season and Beyond make up your own awards:

1 rule have Fun with it.


The WTF Episode Award

-School-Live! Episode 1
-Charlotte Ep.9


The Best Show of Summer 2015 Award (Academy Award Style)

Gatchaman Crowds: Insight


Best ED of Summer 2015

Hey Smith - Monster Musume


The OMG Did I Click on Porn? Award

Shimoneta: A Boring World Where The Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist

The Satisfying To the End Award

Food Wars


The Sour Then Sweet Award


The What Big Guns You Have Award

Aoharu x Machinegun

The Fitbit Award

Baby Steps Season 2 & Tribe Cool Crew [Tie]


The Hero Tokyo Deserves Award

Hajime Ichinose - Gatchaman Crowds: Insight


The Slacker of the Season Award

Ms. Smith - Monster Musume


I can watch over and over AWARD



Award for Best Seller goes to Ranma 1\2


Anime of the summer award goes to you guessed it summer wars :smiley:


The willy nilly award fairy tail


I think I’ll hit on some Fall 2015 awards.

The Scary Good Award

Dance With Devils

The Confuse Ray Award

Concrete Revolutio

The Master Student Award

Young Black Jack

Only the Strong Survive Award

One-Punch Man

The Conversationalist Award



The Goof Ball Of The Year Award

Ranma Saotome


The Ultimate Trap Award

Felix Argyle from RE: Zero


Fighter of the year Award

Hunter x Hunter


Aggressive “B” Award (B= Babes, boobs and butts :wink:)


Ice Pick Award

Yuri on Ice


Tamako Market

greatest achievement for being a large flightless bird


The “Throw a bunch of memes in a blender and see what pours out” award goes to:
In Another World With My Smartphone.”


Best Wingman of 2017

-Koiwai-san Recovery of a MMO Junkie