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these awards were inspired by @series5ranger summer 2015 awards so give your tan member a fun award


Likability Award: Exceeded 5000 mark on Likes Recieved

List Master Award: Excellence with Master Licensing threads

Psychopuppet, TheCoffeeGod
Anime Collection Award: Biggest collections on TAN

FYI Award: Knowledge Expert

Level 3 Legend Award: Longest Streak as a Regular without disruption

Thread Creator: Most Topics created

I’ll have to think of more.


Snowy Stampede
CN Master Award For reporting on all things Cartoon Network


Aw, shucky darn. I’m embarrassed. :flushed:

Mark Gosdin


fillet, Sweet Babette, kyouta
Shadow Award: Proven under-the-radar posters that established a name here.

Laughter in the Dungeon: Master of Funny Threads

OneWayDevil, PretearHimeno
Character Claims: Bishoujo/Bishounen! Most Frequent

moisme, Slowhand, spazzysam
Taking the Lead: Outstanding Leadership


Best Female of the Year

Best Mod of the Year

TAN Best Poster



Most likely to win an Oscar for his outstanding reviews



Most likely to become the sheriff of this good old TAN town



most likely to be the top duelist in her class


yeah basically they call me white rose!


how many duel cards do you have


a lot of them my aces are



ok rose duel on