The "Name" of the Game

I know others have posted these name generators in various other threads, but I thought we could centralize them and have more fun that way.

Feel free to use either your real name or user name, whatever works better for you.

If the image is too big, please use a thumbnail.

Nothing too dirty or obscene, please. You don’t want the Mod Whip Mistress coming after you!

If you aren’t sure about language or size, check with Slowhand. Better safe than sorry.

I’m posting these two together since they both relate to anime. Enjoy!





So, my name is: Laoandairiki ohfu Waeichichian and I’m a Lovely Bride.

Boy, do I feel sorry for whomever my poor husband is!

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Sailor Sahaandaizaanrai :S


Sailor Pretty-Girl


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Using my “real user name” for both :stuck_out_tongue:

Marueiqyulkulao Fueiraiku Buulrainoisa

Kamen Sadist/Devil

My identity, that’s really cool, no matter which I use (Even replacing that slash with a space :P) but the name thing… Eh…

“chibi magician” Hmm… I like it! :stuck_out_tongue: :laugh:


Doctor Snuggly Bottom! :laugh: :laugh:

Pouncey McClump

Don’t want to use my phone.

I am Emperor Kissy McMittens


Eiraiohnoi Ka Taoanjikurai, the Fullmetal Angel. B)
Or Lovely Bride if you count my actual name. :blush:

Princess Snuggly McMittens. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not sure if I like these or not. Really love Taoanjikurai though. :slight_smile:

Chancellor Kissy Von Scooper

Leave your shoes at the door and kiss the ring.

no cat name for me cause no phone. :laugh:

Just use ‘Mr.’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Mr. Bossy McPaws… ooh i am an Irish Setter!

cause i set on your keyboard when you are trying to do work, i set on your face when you are trying to relax watching TV, i set on the table when you are trying to make food, i set on the washer when you want to do laundry. :laugh:

Forbidden Thorn - I like it! :evil:

Guilty Death?? :unsure:


Joggy McStretchy - that’s a bit of a stretch! :silly: