Anime Math

Take a Goddess

Plus an apostle

A Super Hero

A Student

and a Vampire

and what do you get?



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I like the way you add things up! :grinning:

As to how the math works:

[details=How it all adds up]

Hestia is played by Inori Minase , she also plays Chino
Rory Mercury is played by Risa Taneda , she also plays Rize
Hajime is played by Maaya Uchida who also plays Syaro
Kukuri Yukizome is played by Satomi Satou who also plays Chiya
Gasper is played by Ayane Sakura who also plays Cocoa [/details]

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I see. I might have to try this out.

Ritsu in K-ON, Karasuma Sensei in Kinmoza, Lilly Bell in Bodacious Space Pirates, well she’s one busy lady.

In any case I see how it works, this could be fun.

Mark Gosdin

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