Hello everyone :)

Hi. Glad to be here :slight_smile: I reciently changed providers to Bright House and found this wonderful paradise :slight_smile:

Thank you all since before I was limited to mainly Adult Swim (my computer doesn’t like downloads :frowning: )

My faves are Eureka Seven, its sequel Eureka Seven AO (have to DL it so yeaaa…), Lucky Star, anything with Haruka Tomatsu in it (i.e To Love Ru Polyphonica)(Her voice makes the show good :p)

The first anime I watched was Sailor Moon back in the day.

Ditto. Welcome to TAN.

Welcome to you! Don’t let any of us scare you off!

Hope you have a wonderful time here! :slight_smile:

Hello I am a Doctor and guess who made waffles!!!


Thank you for the very warm welcome :). I don’t usually post much (since my job is overnight) but will try to be active as much as I can :).

Hello and welcome to the paradise that is the tricotee TAN boards!! :3

I hope you have a great time on here posting around and making many new friends!! :slight_smile:

Hi to everyone who can see this. I’m back :D. Welll, to a degree. As of current the only thing I can acomplish is being able to watch the free episodes on the hulu player. Once I get some money saved up, I will return to being a full member of Anime Network.

Thank you again everyone for this wonderful place.

Well, regardless of everything you have been through, it is good to see you stick here with us. I figured you were a lost soul since you had gotten stuck with Comcast… LOL!
And, to go along with what our dear Lady had said… Welcome back to the crazy house! :wink:




Welcome back! Hope to see you around! :slight_smile: