Hi,I'm whitney!

I created this aacount to try and take an interest in some things my bf is into but havn’t really gotten too into any anime besides Sailor Moon.I know to serious anime fans Sailor Moon doesn’t count and that you all probubly consider me a gigantic ubber noob.But I hope that wont stop people from being nice to me anyways.
So feel free to add me or shoot me a message.I Love making new friends and i swear I’m nice.:laugh:

Greetings Whitney, and welcome to the Anime Network forums.

Don’t let my avatar fool you. Although I’ve been voted Most Bureaucratic User three years in a row now, I’m not stuck-up. Quite the contrary, once in a while I will visit YouTube to view the latest videos of cats riding Roombas–believe me when I say they make me LOL! And how!

And don’t let my username fool you either, even though mmmmmrrrrrrrrr000000000wwwww

Hey Whitney. Welcome to the forums. There are plenty of Sailor Moon fans here, so don’t worry about it.

Welcome Whitney!

We are always happy to have new members! New anime fans or old anime fans, doesn’t matter. All types are welcome here.

(If you haven’t already noticed, some members have a little sarcasm, as well.)

Please browse around all the forums, and jump right into any convo you like. Most of us will answer any questions you might have. (There might possibly be light-hearted teasing also, all in fun.) I just can’t control everyone! :wink:

Please keep coming back and posting, cause we really hate when someone starts one of these threads and then never comes back! We take that personally… :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, welcome and nice to meet you!

Thank’s for being nice to me guys.Some forums coughmakeoutclubcough are filled with assholes.I hate that kind of elitist bs.
So what’s up? what are some of your favorite animes?

No reason not to return now,I didn’t really expect to get a warm welcome.
Nice meeting you too :]

To reiterate, Welcome To TAN! And I’m sure you’ll find most of us are very nice around here. And we steer clear of that elitist bull, for the most part. Occasionally there will be ramblings by PsyhcoPuppet, Dragoon, or myself about LP’s, but other that, it’s mostly good fun.

So come back and post often. No one will bite, except maybe Wicca. But I’m sure she will introduce herself soon enough… :wink:

What does LP stand for?

Heres hoping it’s not terribly obvious.

whitbabygrl3 wrote:

[quote]What does LP stand for?

Heres hoping it’s not terribly obvious.[/quote]

That’s a deeply guarded secret here at TAN. If we told you, Dragoon may have to kill you j/k But don’t worry, you will probably learn in time… :slight_smile:

Welcome. Post often
We here at TAN are the furthest thing from Elitist. We are that part of the Anime family that is kept locked in the attic for good reason, but for the most part, friendly. We are also super-otakus whose knowledge of anime spans the universe. Tell us what type of anime you like and we will deliver a mountain of info.

dragonrider_cody wrote:

[quote]whitbabygrl3 wrote:

[quote]What does LP stand for?

Heres hoping it’s not terribly obvious.[/quote]

That’s a deeply guarded secret here at TAN. If we told you, Dragoon may have to kill you j/k But don’t worry, you will probably learn in time… :)[/quote]

Haha, dude, none of us ACTUALLY know what LP stands for. It’s just kinda something you throw around when you think the context is right.

“Hey, did you check out that LP I sent ya last night?”
“Yeah bro, it blew my mind.”


“Damn, another staph infection.”
“Sucks, should’ve given the LP a shot.”

Lol I’m gonna try and use that in a sentence tommarrow when I go out with my bf.
He’ll be so confused :lol:

And i would love info :]
I like cats,super heroes,demons,vampires,and any other mythical creature.

Any suggestions based on that?

Welcome to you. Please ignore Cody. I don’t bite (much). Cody is… Well, just read some of his posts and you’ll find out for yourself! Just beware his Zombie army.

And yes, please do contribute!

This is a great site and you’ll have plenty of fun!

Oh yeah I just remembered, my girlfriend is into Sailor Moon too. Know of any sites where you can get the series for pretty cheap? She’s been compulsive about checking every store that sells anime for it, but so far she hasn’t found a collection. I know just downloading it is out of the question when it comes to her.

Lol then she must be awesome!
Well I have been just watching it on youtube (kind of annoying though because the episodes are cut up into three 8 minute videos)But I would just go for ebay or amazon.I also tried looking for the dvds (hell Id even take vhs) at a ton of video stores but they only have the movies…which really sucks because I know for a fact that suncoast video had them about 4 years ago before I had any money to buy them.However I’m starting to think maybe some comic book stores might have something.I’ll do another search.I havn’t been very motivated lately because I havn’t had any money lately but christmas is coming up.

Yeah, unfortunately it’s pretty hard to come by. The last season never even made it over to the US. And I’ve seen ebay auctions for it, including the uncut ADV sets, but they tend to get pretty costly.

Yep, welcome aboard. I read what shows/stuff you’re into. I too am a fan of a lot of the same shows/stuff. And Sailor Moon was the first anime I ever watched. Memories man… Anyway, no elitists here. Just jokesters and nerds for the most part. See ya.

What’s your favorite show?
I’m watching Sailor Moon and Deathnote at the same time :side:

Like I could really chose just one. No way sister.

Yeah, both are good. But I agree with Keith, the second part of Death Note could have been left out.

Second Part?
As of now i’v only seen 3 epispodes.
1,2 and whichever one doubt is…and i have no idea how much i’m skipping ahead by watching doubt lol.
My friend is going to send me his dvd sets in like 2 weeks,I can’t wait!