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Anime Network app for the PS3


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I Playstation 4 app would be great as well. I love the amount of content on this site, I would like to watch it on my tv without having to plug my computer into it.


Yeah, as this topic is a few years old now I guess it would be nice for it to be updated to include a PS4 app (even if I’m not planning on getting rid of my PS3 within the next few console generations).


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At this point I don’t expect one to happen before the PS6, if it ever happens. TAN has apps for mobile devices, but I get the feeling that the licensing rights for the gaming platforms and internet enabled devices that you typically hook up to a TV are very different from the licensing rights for PC and PC like mobile devices, what with the fact that I started this topic before Netflix had a download app for the Wii, let alone Cruchyroll going to game systems and such. I very highly doubt there will ever be a non-smartphone/tablet app for TAN, no matter how much I’d like it to be otherwise. Then again, TAN is the only streaming video service I subscribe to that doesn’t support a video/series queue feature, or at least I haven’t been looking for one since the latest site update, and that is a key feature to making those apps user friendly and easy to use.