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Anime Network app for the PS3


I’m curious as to whether or not the higher ups have considered putting an Anime Network app out for the PS3. Right now TAN is the only streaming video service I subscribe to that doesn’t have an app on the PS3 (Crunchyroll’s came out at the start of the month). It’d certainly be nice to be able to watch the subbed shows on my 32" TV, which properly supports widescreen formats, than the standard ratio monitor on my computer. It’d also be nice to have a bit more space to work with when I’m trying to watch one of the subbed shows while I have something to eat, but that’s more because of how things are laid out in my living room than anything else (although there isn’t any decent way of re-arranging things either).

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what the verdict is.


A PS3 app would be pretty boss. They already have content on PSN, so this would be a nice compliment to that. I say DO IT!


Couldn’t agree with you more ^_^. Speaking of Crunchyroll ps3 app, I been seeing some downscale in quality while streaming (watching Sword Art Online :woohoo: ). I heard that there testing out a new encoding, but I hope this was not what they were thinking. Or maybe its my internet, or fault in simulcast release.


I hope they do put an app for P.S 3 but I pray it doesn’t end up like the YouTube app that was a major disappointment

but still being able to watch live stream anime on the P.S 3 would be awesome, hopefully everything goes smoothly.


Although I’ve downloaded the Crunchyroll app I haven’t watched anything on it yet, I’ve just been that busy with everything else going on and trying to get caught up on shows here. I guess I should give it a try sometime soon, although a small question, does the TV you have your PS3 hooked up to support 720p HD resolution? Because if it doesn’t, but your computer does, that might be where some of your problems have been coming from, as everything I’ve watched from Netflix and Hulu on my PS3 have looked great, but I’ve got an HD TV that supports 720p (well, it also supports the 1080i as well, which is what I use, but I’m not sure what the difference is).


Apparently the CR app doesn’t support true HD content yet, so many people have been complaining about a decrease in quality. Apparently a future update is suppose to fix the issue.


In that case there’s a good chance of the update happening before I manage to get everything caught up here and I start watching subbed shows over there again.


I have a sony bravia 32 inch that supports 1080p. Funny random thing is that my families downstairs blu ray player(Samsung brand. Not dissing people who own them.) is a snail compared to my PS3 :lol:


Considering that at the time the PS3 launched it had equivalent computing power to a Class II Worm Server in a package that was a tenth the size and less than a tenth the cost it’s hardly surprising.


The PS3 has long been the best bluray player. In the early days, when they were still rolling out features slowly to match HD-DVD, it was pretty much the only option. For the first two years on the market, it was the only player that wasn’t gonna be completely outdated and incapable of playing certain movies within 18 months. If people are willing to spend the money, I still recommend it as Sony pushes all the updates to it.


It also has the best Blu-Ray ROM drive on the market. Nearly 2 years ago Panasonic developed a 16-Layer Blu-Ray disc, with a 500 GB capacity. Original launch PS3’s can read them (even if they are too expensive to justify producing and using much still), but at the time Panasonic developed them the PS3 had the only Blu-Ray ROM drive that could. Even now most of the drives on the market wouldn’t be able to take full advantage of that disc.

Also, since there hasn’t been a single mod posting in here that the suggestion is going to be passed along to the higher ups either they were already thinking about it or it isn’t going to happen. No clue which, since we can’t get someone who might be in the know to let us know, but with how my luck runs we’re just wasting our time asking for the PS3 app.


lol, ok!

Forwarding to Admin.


Ah, the mod has typed to us! Thank you Oh Great Moderator for listening to our pleas.


Looking back, I see that I already sent this on to Administration after the first post.
Admin said:

So, I’d say keep pushing for it, more requests mean more hope, in my opinion.


We can hope, but as The Anime Network was one of the first to have various shows ‘available’ on the Playstation Network it is sadly very unlikely. The problem with what they’ve done is that you have to know the title of the show and then you have to purchase the eps to watch them, it’s not a subscription based streaming video service. Heck, they don’t even have all of the The Anime Network ones grouped together, although if you are looking to purchase individual eps it isn’t a bad method, it just sucks for people like me who are wanting to watch a new series.


You know what would be cool if Crunchyroll had an add on, to their subscription plans like pay your 6.95 per month plus an extra 2.95 you get Anime Network shows on your ps3, another 2.95 you get Viz shows, another 2.95 funimation. If Crunchyroll can’t get all those catalog shows at once you’d have premium channels on Crunchyroll, well if they can pull off the deals and people might not be willing to pay the extra amount. On the other hand I would, I have yearly subscriptions to both Crunchyroll and Anime Network. I think Starz wanted to do this with Netflix, but Netflix said no, Crunchyroll might say no too, but it would nice to have.


Actually for a while there was a LOT of Starz stuff available through Netflix as streaming video. To be precise, early in the Netflix streaming service career almost half of the Anime/Animated videos available were off of Starz.

Also, It’d be more practical for Hulu, who already has channels for The Anime Network and Funimation, to do as their service is better optimized for such offerings.


Mommy wants to stream shows thru her ps3! That would be cool… B)


Um… I hate to bring this up but IF The Anime Network streams their anime via Hulu and Hulu+, there really IS no reason to have another plugin/add-on to play them. All you’d basically need is a device that streams Hulu and you’d have it, and while you probably wouldn’t have EVERYTHING they stream, you’d have a VERY BIG chunk of it. My only wish is that they’d start streaming their anime on their own without Hulu so it could be commercial-free and unedited. But I suppose that would be more up to Sentai instead of The Anime Network considering that they are streaming THEIR stuff.


Wow, talk about going out of your way to revive a dead topic.

If I remember correctly at the time I created this thread TAN wasn’t using Hulu as their primary streaming partner to make shows available, and as such there was very little in the way of TAN shows available on Hulu. Also, it usually requires a Hulu Plus account to be able to watch the TAN shows that are available on Hulu on a PS3 anyhow (I’m not sure if there are exceptions, as I have the Hulu Plus account). I created this thread more in response to the fact that there was an iPhone app that had access to nearly everything, including dubbed versions, that was on the site and the laptop I was using at the time was having enough problems that trying to watch a subbed show in SD was difficult and problematic.

As for the present time, I’d still appreciate the PS3 app if it let me have access to everything on the site, including dubbed versions, as I do have a subscription to TAN. Oh, and since you apparently don’t know, those of us who subscribe don’t watch stuff through the Hulu Player, we’re still getting TAN’s Anime Player, which allows us to watch everything without commercials. As far as stuff being edited, that’s something to take up with Sentai and the other companies who are doing the translation and localization work. I do know that although when you watch Demon King Daimao here it is edited if you buy the series, barring making it a point to buy the edited version, what you get on DVD will be un-edited.

I mostly have the Hulu Plus account for stuff that can’t be streamed through another source (such as shows that are being brought to the states by NISA, I’ve actually subscribed to Funimation themselves as there are full series available on their site for streaming, both subbed and dubbed, that you might only have a couple of eps or only subs for on Hulu, even with the Hulu Plus account, and then I also don’t have to fight with the commercials), although I’ve been rather restricted in my anime watching of late, mostly because I’ve been having internet problems, the current modem I have is an unstable piece of crap (well, it’s firmware is anyhow) so I haven’t been able to even think about watching any interesting subbed shows or even work on my Rosetta Stone course for Japanese (which when I finish it I’ll be able to multi-task the show whether it’s in subbed or dubbed, and I’ll love that, not to mention being able to enjoy dating sims that are straight from Japan instead of needing to hope the really interesting ones get translated). Heck, that internet problem means that TAN and Netflix are the only place with players that can maintain a sufficient buffer on my current laptop (who is a rather high specced gal) without major problems, I can’t use my PS3 or my Wii U, and the player on Funimation keeps crashing because of the unstable connection I’m currently fighting with. Since I can’t watch subbed shows reliably else where I haven’t even tried Crunchyroll, but hopefully the problems can finally be taken care of the next time the technicians come out, then I can watch subbed shows again, work on my Rosetta Stone course again, do the online course work for my job, and play some FFXIV.