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Question about the player regarding sound


First off, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see this new subscription thing available. For once the player is reliable and plays anime without freezing. I love it! If I could only get this to play on my tv? I’d be in absolute heaven but that’s ok. My question is this. I have noticed that the sound is very low. I have checked my settings on my computer and everything I have indicates that my sound is not the issue. When I play videos on my computer they play with wonderful sound quality. I have noticed it only on the TAN website. Is there a way to address this and get a little better quality sound?

P.S. If any of you techy guys can suggest a way to get the anime network online player to play on my tv? Please let me know. I’d love to see these shows on my tv instead of the computer.


Volume is good on my side, but I’m on headphones. I agree the max volume settings could certainly be a bit louder, the differences between medium volume and max are not that big.

I’ll forward your comments and questions to Anime Network on the next compilation report and see if they can answer it.

As for the other question, probably best suited to the more technically inclined, but there are some video cards that output to TV, also if you have a HD LCD TV you can hook up your computer directly to it. That’s the extent of my knowledge on that field though.

And welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:


Thanks Dragoon I was here before when the whole disaster with Akimbo occured when they betrayed us. I’m SO glad The Anime Network has created this subscription service. I’m one of those seriously unlucky people who live in a town where my cable company outright refuses to offer on demand service. Its a joke let me tell ya. I hope this is better. I really do. I hope for monthly updates and content like we had on Akimbo. I just wish now I could view it on my tv.


Nice to see you again!

Well that’s interesting, Charter still has not provided VOD there, wow?

Well this service is directed for people like you and I where our cable/sat providers don’t offer SVOD!

I believe Anime Network will be updating this weekly, but I’m not sure yet. Anime Network is swamped right now finalizing the online player, programming etc. I believe they may be posting a schedule soon, so hopefully more details forthcoming.

I do know there will be new shows coming, that have never before been on Anime Network until recently (ADV’s new releases lately, plus Appleseed, Lost Universe, Soul Hunter, and who knows more? Stay tuned)! Also there will be fan-favorite shows from ADV/Anime Network’s catalog that will be coming on here also for the first time Online (like Azumanga Daioh, Elfen Lied, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World). ADV’s been working with its Japanese partners to grant them access to show lots of their favorite shows beyond not previously allowed Online before. :slight_smile:


What can I say Dragoon Charter sucks. They refuse to bring on demand service here why I wish I knew. I decided to try and run the online player through my ps3? Its working but not real well. It keeps locking up and the loading thing in the middle keeps popping up. I wonder if the anime network can make the player ps3 compatable? That would be so awesome. I’m running it through the ps3 browser now.


That’s certainly an interesting idea that I’ll let them know about.

As far as your volume issue, I have an update there: they will be looking into it as soon as they can, (maybe tomorrow as the workday just ended over there and some are gone already).


Thanks Dragoon it seeems the website itself is not ps3 compatable either. I tried to scroll down to view shows and it wouldn’t let me. Many shows simply did not show up at all. I was hoping they could make it work right. That would be so great. Running it through my tv also fixed the sound problem sigh oh well.


What type of inputs do you have on your tv? do you have a HDMI input? also on your computer? If your computer is a recent model and you have a separate video card (if it doesn’t use integrated graphics off the motherboard) there’s a good chance you have a DVI out output on it. I run from my DVI out through a small piece that converts the DVI to a HDMI cable and then I run that to the back of my plasma. I have been using a TV as my monitor for probably the past ten years. you also may have an S-video output on your computer that will connect directly to an S-video input on the tv. Either way you will have to run a seperate sound cable. you can use a cord that goes from the speaker output on the computer then splits the signal into left and right that will then hook up into the audio connections of the input you use on the tv. You only run into a problem if you use the HDMI method as the tv will try to read audio off of that connection too, I have to mute my tv before turning on my computer or it will blare a screeching noise like tvs used to when the cable went out. I just have mine run directly into surround sound. Hope Ive been of some help :cheer:


Thank you batou for your help. I’m going to get my dad to help me see if we can get the tv thing worked out. Dragoon I hate to ask but would you please let me know once the sound issue has been addressed? I would sure appreciate it. I am subscribed to this thread so I’ll know if there are any updates to it. Thanks again for all your help. If we can just get the sound thing worked out? This subscription thing that the anime network is doing will be a dream come true! :woohoo:


Dragoon do you know if The Anime Network is working on this? You had mentioned yesterday they might look into it today. Any updates on what they might do or how long its going to take to fix?


I know they’re working on a lot of stuff today, including this one, but I haven’t heard an update yet.


I notice this problem as well.

However, I also notice this problem on YouTube, too.

I have to turn everything up all the way, and then hope I remember to turn it down again before I get a new email or I get blasted out by that little “bleeping” noise.


Sorry to have double posted Dragoon I was having a hard time getting your attention hehe. Thank you though. I appreciate the info. Keep me informed. I’d be real happy with this service if they would just fix this. I can watch anime while I work :slight_smile:


It’s cool, you don’t need to get my attention. I read it all. If I don’t answer that usually means I have no new info yet. :wink:

As far as an update: it’s proving a bit more complicated than thought. On the back end options they moved it from 75% to full 100% max and in our testing it hasn’t increased the volume much. So they’re gonna be looking at other options. At this point, I’m not sure what they’re gonna try or how long it will take.


I just wanted to say I have an lcd high definition TV I have my computer set up to. My tv has a regular pc monitor plug since my pc is old.

On the sound issue I have a nice set of speakers that boosts the sound. You should get speakers that plugs into a electrical jack so you can control the volume more. Decent Speakers are cheap enough. I can make the sound very very loud.


Hi PrincessOfAnime,
We’ve been reviewing the sound issue. When you write “very low” can you give me an idea how low that is? We’ve played a variety of shows back around here on various computers and we can hear them very well. That’s not to say you’re not having problems, just that we need a better idea what the problem is.

When you’re watching an episode can you hear the dialogue? If you set the volume to max in the flash player and on your computer is it usable? Compared to say a YouTube video with the same settings (max and max), how does it sound? Are you blown out of your chair?



I can tell you I have the player set to max and I’ve had my computer and speakers set to max and its deffinately NOT blowing me out of my chair. I have my speakers set to almost max and everything else maxed right now and the sound is reasonable more like dvd quality I guess. I would say maybe on a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 being blown out of my chair loud and 1 being the lowest? I would say its around 6 or 7. On youtube I would say max on there most of the time I am able to hear the videos without having to turn my speakers all the way up but I don’t spend much time on youtube so I can’t really compare. I hope this help. If not, please email me I would like to get this fixed if possible. Thanks! I would just like to be able to view the files without having to turn my speakers up so high. I don’t want to blow out my speakers everytime I do something else on the computer that makes a noise. :S