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Anime Network fun

Who at Anime Network is responsible for my usual net Avatar showing up on the Online Player temporary icons list. :ohmy: (And no I had nothing to do with it!) Someone over there is either trying to flatter me or is a closet Area 88 fan, maybe both? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait a second, fun… frivolity… I forgot this was the VOD/Online Player forum where some people only post to whine and complain. :S Back to your regularly scheduled program.

Somebody up there likes you?

Somebody up there likes Area 88?

Somebody up there likes both? :evil:

Either way it’s cute! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, well anyone who likes Area 88 automatically gets my stamp of high approval, whoever it is! :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s subliminal messaging for everyone to get Area 88!

Subliminal Messaging #2: Clannad! Clannad! Clannad! (I claim responsibility for this one I’m afraid) :cheer: