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This may seem like a stupid question but I am interested in signing up for the Anime Network online player premium service but the form only lists US states. I live in Canada and I do not see an option to select a different country. Is there a way for Canadians to sign up for the premium service?


The developer has been notified to update that field.

Z-Man: You can go ahead and process you subscription by typing your State/Province in Address Line 3.
Leave the state in the menu as Alabama.
So long as you postal code matches with your billing for the card, you should have no problem.

If you do, send us an email to with the subject: Canadian Subscription.

Sorry for the confusion!

Samantha Stevens
Anime Network


So this will work for anyone in Canada? I’ve got myself the same issue:)


Yes, it’s available in Canada. Beyond that, check spazzysam’s post above for the ordering instructions.


The instructions I was given worked for me with no problems. Much appreciated, since I was having a lot of trouble with my VOD service through my cable provider.

It would be a lot easier if there was a form for Canadian customers or if you could select Canada in a drop down menu of a list of countries and have the appropriate fields change automatically such as changing the list of states to a list of provinces/territories and changing zip code to area code.

Other than that, the service is working great for me.


Which VOD provider did you have? Care to detail what problems they were having with the Anime Network content? If you provide your Cable provider, postal code. Anime Network can contact your cable company to try to resolve those issues.


dragoon wrote:

The name of my cable company is Eastlink. Actually, my VOD is fine now. After a couple of months of calls, technicians and canceled appointments, someone came last Saturday and actually fixed it.

The problems I was having with VOD was the picture would digitize and the sound would cut in and out. This was happening on all of my VOD channels, not just Anime Network. The problems seemed to come after a rain or snow storm, leading me to believe water was getting into the line. Like I said, a technician came to my apartment building last Saturday, found the issue and fixed it. A week later, it’s still working.


Glad things are working for you now.

Keep us posted if you have any other issues, be it with the website or your VOD service! That’s what we are here for! :silly:


spazzysam wrote:

[quote]Glad things are working for you now.

Keep us posted if you have any other issues, be it with the website or your VOD service! That’s what we are here for! :silly:[/quote]

Thanks a lot. Not having easy access to anime was starting to get to me.

I’m pretty sure my long list of issues, a competent technician as well as threatening to cut all VOD services from my bill made the difference in getting my VOD fixed. I subscribe to two VOD services, Anime Network and WWE Classics on Demand, which total $17 a month. No cable company wants to lose $17 a month during an economic recovery. You gotta hit these places where it hurts the most, in the pocketbook.


Thank you very much guys. This has been very usefull to me.