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I was going through withdrawal


I will pretty much watch anything animated.
In the old days, when Anime was not plentiful, I use to watch the Anime in japanese. I don’t know a word of Japanese. After watching Anime for years, I have picked a few words.

Sub vs. Dub, Sub, if subs were around I would have watched them that way back in the day. I look at that as improvement. I am against the Editting of Anime shows.

If I sound like an old fart, most like because I am.

I know that I have not been a model posters. Been rather harsh on AVD and some Animes they choose to bring over. I have been harsh on alot of things. I think the Mods keep me around because they find me moderately amusing. I am going to try to be a better person.


That’s revelation, right there. Discuss!


What being a better person?

I did read the forum rules. There was a referance to someone not staying on topic. Specifically, they brought up bringing up the Excel Saga. Considering, That once in a while I would bring up the Excal Saga to make a point. I can help but feel they are talking about me or maybe I was watching too much NHK.

Many of the other poster feel like I hate Excel Saga, I don’t hate it. It is just one of the best examples of an Anime that is lost in translation.

I will watch anything Anime, does not mean that I like all Animes. I am going to try to be less harsh on the ones I don’t like, may not even post about them at all. Something I don’t like, might be someone elses Cat’s Meow. Calling their show a pethiec knock off that looks like it was drawing by a five year old and script written by a retarded Neo-Nazi; will no longer be posted by me; I have realized that this may upset the other person. (The referance above has nothing to do the Excel Saga)

Is this the relevation fillet?


I’d say so, my man. Just don’t blow off the regular ol’ criticism in the process.


There are so many things that are just so…

Please tell me there is a joke here somewhere. :S


I am pretty sure that Shinichi Watanabe artist/writes is neither a Nazi or Neo-Nazi or retarded. In fact if any his drawings look like they are drawn by a five year old, it is because he is making fun of another artist drawing style.
I have nothing but the deepest respect for Shinichi Watanabe.

I was making fun of the way I use to post. The above post was written in jest.

Typically, I have brought up the Excel when I thought that other posters had no clue what they were taking about good or bad. I found it interesting it was brought up as an example of what not to do. Dragoon feel free to delete the post if it is out of line.


I went back edit my previous post that may have offended some people on this board. Judging from my Karma Rating at least two.

It has never been my intent to be critical of Anime. Sometimes it seem that if you don’t think the Anime is 100% perfect, I hate the anime. There are not alot of Amines that I dislike.


I wrote the rules when I was perhaps 15, so if there were any subtle yet deep meanings to Excel Saga, it was above me. It would probably remain above me if I watched it today, especially if a lot was lost in translation. This happens all the time, so that’s understandable.

Anyway, I’ll give you +karma if you want that more evened out. You’ve done nothing wrong that I can see, and you’ve corrected anything that may seem offensive. Sounds like a swell guy to me.