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Anime Series with Ranger # 5 list

Come hang out with ur cool Rancher ( Ranger )
Who is as u well know is in the Top 5 most liked Mods :grin:

Does ur Top 5 anime series match the master series guru Ranger or do u know @Series5Ranger well enough that u already know what he likes

And @Series5Ranger pm me ur Top 5 for I can let them know that they have the series matching ur
Or u can tell them whatever u want to do

So guess his top 5

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My guesses:

  1. Scrapped Princess (Series5’s Avi)

  2. Non Non Biyori (From our conversation last week)

  3. K-ON! (Really? Does it even need a reason to be on this list?)

  4. Date A Live (Remembered multiple mentions from about this series in several threads)

  5. Sister New Devil / Yamato 2199 (Both series had a purchase of a Japanese exclusive BD set)

Wonder how I did :grin:



2/5 are correct as my avatar indicates that yes Scrapped Princess is on my top 5 list.

If you’ve seen the figure posts I’ve done, then you know Yamato 2199 is in my top 5 as well.

-the hint to another one is about a show I keep bugging Sentai / Aesir Media / Section 23 for in Blu-Ray HD.

Those are my top 3, the other 2 change frequently.


Ah. Then it has to be RahXephon :grin: