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Yes maou they have food gangter rivals around the food festival that there competite with so will add more of that

Yes she can bring in the customers with her costume lol


Soma gets the cooking

Mizuki plays her revealing role



Wait a second what have we here
a new rival Steps on the scene



Ah.Alchemic cooking huh?

And Motoko can instantaneously access any recipe from the web, but how’s her cooking skills? Remember, she can’t taste :scream:


Lol did Edward for slowhand and well they have been taking cooking lessons for the food festival with Ms koizumi lol


Our main character will be competiting with the rice ball

And what’s on the menu for our rivals it’s rice Patty

So stay glued to your chair it will be exciting lol


the Japanese food festival has started and we find our main characters getting a lot of business with their rice ball booth

just take a look

our main character are hard at work sellin their rice ball to the public and doin a fine job at it


im goin to do another story now might come back to the anime story love kome

on to something else

makin a anime game based story
so stay tune


well guys and girls have the name of the story its goin to be called dot desktop inspired by the anime dot hack
its goin to be a pc based anime game

and stay tune for the characters


the characters for this story

Michiko Malandro


Mizuho Kazami

taiga aisaka


Well. You got Radical Edward; the Hacker
and Taiga; who can one-punch people IRL.

With Michiko alongside them, that’s just overkill. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Those three combined could beat the final boss in the first episode :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:.


yes they make a good combination

Mizuho is a teacher so she has good info


Sakura Kinomoto is the first level boss our players must beat lol


What is this new rivals are on the scene

It’s the girls vs the guys

Stay tuned for the guy players


here are the guys

Roy Mustang
Natsu Dragneel
Naruto Uzumaki
Shinji Ikari


if you want to know who won

it was a tie 2 to 2

so im on to the next story


well next im goin to write about cat girls so stay tune for that


so got the characters for the story its goin to be cat man and his two cat girls


Adam West, how we miss ye… :disappointed:


so cat man and his cat girls head to the beach to swim lol