Animes Biggest Critic

started this topic based on our newest member @oriusprime and his interest in writing about anime and we have some another members who like writing as well so this thread is for you so we all have seen some amazing anime shows thats now listed as our favorite but like all anime they have their tiny drawbacks that the creator made but in this thread you get a chance to make your favorite anime better or make a whole awesome new anime or you can do both its up to you you are the critic and it doesnt have to be long story

list the title of the anime you are writing about

and from there just let your imagination move you

edit im goin to start with comic party revolution so stay tune but its not goin to be that long because there wasnt to much bad parts in the anime to me


comic party revolution

in a time where manga reigns over the anime world and where the pages move and talk through the words and characters and only a few people even own a television set because their so in grossed in manga that is runs their life and they even writing down their whole day and night in a manga and they have to read it first before doing it and because of that they become like zombies

so their in college and they have to study from manga while their in class and you have the class clown and before he misbehaves he writes it down * throw eraser at teacher and then he actually throws it so its like that

so its all about manga in this story

and im goin to stop there and if yall want me to write more let me know or if you want another anime

fyi im just creating some what of a whole new story from comic party

@Kyouta I’ll play along.

Eureka Seven AO: Didn’t happen.

@maousadao what would happen if you came up with Eureka Seven

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Honestly, I don’t really know. Maybe something involving Eurekas adopted children alongside the children her and Renton were originally supposed to have.


AO was such a letdown in terms of almost everything. Dewey was right all along??? Time travel using Scub Coral??? More than one Nirvash??? The Truth (aka one of the main antagonists of the series) becoming AO’s Nirvash’s archetype???

At least the ED was good and it confirmed Eureka can fly with her wings…

I watched it once. Never again.

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never seen ao but seen your pic you posted
are they the only to on the island or something if not then what children

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It’s never actually said that the characters on DVD cover 12 are actually Eurekas and Rentons. However; the pale white skin, blue hair, and wings strongly imply that they have a significant genetic relation to Eureka (aka her kids).

The image appears to take place sometime after episode 50 When the Earth is opened to some of it’s original form. I can’t tell if that’s actually an island, or just a beach.

The other children I was talking about are Maruce, Mater and Link. These are the three children whom Eureka adopted after killing their parents during a raid on a Voderac compound while looking for Master Norb, right before Holland and crew left the SOF.

ok thank you for explaining

i havent seen Eureka in a while forgot what it was about

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Yea… I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to the shows I really like.

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yes me to i can get in to one a those moods where my mind is stuck on anime all day long

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Thanks for starting this. Sorry I haven’t been active for a while. Been busy with Spider-Man comic books. Heh.

Haven’t really gotten a chance to jump back into anime, and might not for a while, but I can’t tell you how much I appreciate a thread like this. Thanks again.


ok just feel free at any point maybe write something when you do get back into anime

we will be waiting on that awesome writing of yours
and you are welcome oprime

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Hey you guys and girls so I’m in the writing mood will pick an anime to write about stay tuned

Edit will be writing about the adventures of lupin the third

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well our story begins in Madagascar at the zoo
where the smartest ostrich got loose from the zoo

the zookeepers know that they are goin to have a hard time getting the ostrich back on their own so they call in everybody to help them out so lupin was one of the people they called now lupin is on the case and his crew the zookeepers tell lupin and the gang that the ostrich is very smart and not even the great wild e coyote can catch it so the task is not goin to be easy
but lupin says he has everything handled so he says well they start on their adventure to catch the ostrich

( that’s how the story begins)
want to know from you guys if you like how the story is goin
or do you like to read something else

Edit since you are the only one who really is posting in the thread what do you think @maousadao

goin to write about another anime soon stay tune

goin to write about this anime Love Kome ( Balls )

its the start of the Japanese food festival

meet the two characters of the story
that has a rice food booth at the food festival

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the two characters of our story has graduated from high school and found a job working in the food festival selling rice which they love to eat
( what im trippin on is how you gonna sell bud when you smoke it )

Our characters are excited about their first food festival but with that comes hard work and sweat and some elbow grease but they are still hopefully and excited that everything goes well

They have to make the rice :rice: balls and setup the booth before they can start selling the rice and that takes awhile for them to get finished and they have to make sure that everything is setup properly and in order they have to make sure they have enough rice and they cooked it right so once they do that all that when the festival Begins

How do you guys like it so far

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If you’re gonna use Soma, there has to be a food war somewhere in there.

Maybe Mizuki can do cosplay of Card Master Peach to help the rice ball stall as well.

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