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Zac Bertschy

ANNCast this week: Our guests are Stacy Dodson and Christian Lopez from The Anime Network. We’ll talk about, uh, The Anime Network.

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Actually other then “Hello” nope.


As soon as I was going to talk, I got whisked away to the land of wind and ghosts. ;___;

It was a pretty nice hello though, wasn’t it? I was really just there to talk about our shows, but that never really came up…O_o

I did practice that hello for a couple of minutes before though. HOW WAS IT?


Rai was there to keep Stacy from leaking any state secrets. All we would have heard was a thud. However, Stacy could have taught KSM a thing or two about enhanced interrogation resistance… It’d be easier to get the codes for all out nuclear war than to get any information about any of the AESir Holdings entities.

Oh, BTW, Stacy, why did you keep forgetting the two satellite VOD partners? Hmm?


ANNCast: Encyclopedia Brits-Ani-ca

by Zac Bertschy, Mar 27th 2015


ANNCast this week: our guest is Aniplex of America’s EJ Rivera. Send your questions for the show in now!


ANNCast: Meat Popsicles

by Zac Bertschy and Justin Sevakis, May 1st 2015


ANNCast: The Porn Ultimatum

by Zac Bertschy, May 21st 2015


ANNCast: Nostalgia Thighs

by Zac Bertschy, May 29th 2015


ANNCast: Game Show: Crass Materia-lism

by Zac Bertschy, Jun 19th, 2015

Todd Ciolek, Dave Reily, Joel White and Heidi Kemps join us for a packed, enormous E3 edition of Game Show where our 90s teenage nerd dreams have all come true!


ANNCast: Criticulous

by Zac Bertschy, Jun 30th, 2015
Zac and Hope are joined by two of our newest writers, Nick Creamer and Gabriella Ekens, to chat about writing anime reviews and what it’s like to write about anime online.


ANNCast: ¡Kamui Caliente!

by Zac Bertschy, Jul 24th 2015


ANNCast: Podcastoes O’Brien

by Zac Bertschy, Jul 31st 2015
Voice actor/director/professional Dungeons & Dragons player Liam O’Brien returns to the podcast after a 5-year hiatus to discuss his roles in Fate/Zero and Sailor Moon, along with the landscape for anime voice acting now and what it’s like to be Gollum.


ANNCast: Old Toys Club

by Zac Bertschy, Aug 20th 2015


ANNCast: What It Feels Like For A Monster Girl

by Zac Bertschy and Hope Chapman, Aug 28th 2015
Friend of the show and graphic designer Brady Hartel joins Zac and Hope for a rip-roaring live Q&A session wherein Zac reveals his secret monster girl crush. Also: Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Rokka, Dragon Ball Super and more!


ANNCast: Supernerds vs. The World

by Zac Bertschy, Sep 18th 2015


ANNCast: Falling Together

by Zac Bertschy, Oct 9th 2015
Brady Hartel joins Zac and ANN’s interest editor Lynzee Loveridge for an in-depth discussion about the new fall anime season, and a whole boatload of other stuff! One Punch Man, The Perfect Insider, Concrete Revolutio and more!


ANNCast: Ghoul Runnings

by Zac Bertschy, Justin Sevakis and Hope Chapman, Oct 30th 2015


ANNCast: Visual Novel Invasion

by Zac Bertschy, Dec 4th 2015
The folks from Sekai Project, including co-founder Chris Ling, PR manager David Bruno, and European PR manager Audun Sorlie, who just released a little visual novel called Clannad in English for the first time, are taking the visual novel world by storm. Today, they stop by ANNCast to talk about the past, present and future of the company.