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Predecast - My new anime podcast!

Hey guys! Long time no see! I made a new podcast with Jonbaruby . We cover new anime, and also older anime you might not have heard of. I think this is the type of podcast you guys would like to listen to! You guys can listen on spotify but it’s literally anywhere podcasts are hosted. Let me know what you guys think, we have three episodes up there. Our latest episode covered an oldschool ADV anime, Gunsmith Cats! We talked about the dub too!

Check it out: Predecast | Podcast on Spotify


Ooh! That’s one of the ones on my “Want to watch” list!

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It should be on everyone’s list :rofl:. It’s such a fun, hollywood-esque gun toting anime. It’s gun pron and car pron. Listen to the podcast if you need more inspiration! It stars Amanda Winn Lee and Tiffany Grant if you wanna listen to the dub. Now that just screams oldskool ADV.

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:crossed_fingers:That she voices a German girl, preferably with twin-tails??? :wink:

Well…she voices a geeky American information expert who looks a little like Tiffany Grant does in person. Sadly no twin-tails and she’s not german.

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That’s fine. I was just kidding.

(Ya know, Asuka and all. :rofl:)

LoL I know.

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