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Annual online subscription fee charged every month?


I’m trying to sign up for a premium account for the online player and pay by PayPal, but the PayPal payment page says I’ll be charged $34.99 for each month. Is this a mistake? If I submit the payment, will I automatically be charged again every month?


Each month? That doesn’t sound right, bro. I don’t use pay pal myself, but the rates should be the same regardless.

So I just took a look at the buy content page, $34.99 is an annual contract at the moment. Annual meaning yearly. Think maybe something is wrong with pay pal?


We’re working with PayPal to fix it. It’s not supposed to be monthly.


Hi Could someone on the support team email or pm me on this issue? As I just got my paypal payment Subscription Receipt and it also says "each month"
But as the payment has already cleared, I just need some one from support to confirm that I will not be geting another billing for $34.99 next month.
And work with me to tell me if I need to do anything about this and if so tell me what to do if anything?
As I was so excited to buy it for the 50% OFF Labor DAY WEEKEND SALE price that I did not know about this issue until after I paid. So if any one can help work with me on this issue that would be great thanks.


I’m sure its a mistake and we will look into it, but if for some reason it DOES bill you again (which im sure it wont) please let us know and we will give you a full refund of the extra 34.99 that you got billed for the second time. Thanks!

We will let everyone know our progress on this as soon as we can, here in this thread.


I saw the same thing when I just did the $6.95 choice. I assumed it wouldn’t charge me every month, but I’m still worried about that.