Billing Problems With Online Player Premium Content

I’ve encountered problems with the monthly billing for my premium subscription to the Anime Network Online Player.

First I found out Friday that my Bank had their credit card account database hacked recently. Consequently they are canceling my debit card and will be issuing me a new one. The card that is being canceled is the one that I used to register my account with the Anime Network.

Secondly while I was reviewing my bank account today I found multiple withdrawals credited to the Anime Network. The bank is reporting withdrawals of $6.95 on 07/21 and two withdrawals on 08/10. All of the withdrawals apparently have the identical account number: 07133417100.

Please help me in correcting these problems. The biggest problem is that I can’t find where to update my credit card info for my premium account.


I’ve informed the staff at Anime Network about this, they should be at work (they are off on weekends) tomorrow to look into your account and will probably respond then.

Thanks! I’ll check for a reply tomorrow afternoon.


Sorry for the duplicate charges. We’ll get it sorted out and appropriate refunds back to your card. We’ll send you an email to keep it private.

AOK on the refunds. Will the e-mail contain instructions on updating the credit/debit card number on my premium content account?