Premium Subscription Question

I purchased a quarterly subscription through Pay Pal a few months ago. Pay Pal billed me every month instead of every quarter. I e-mailed and got no response. After 3 months, I cancelled the subscription, thinking I would sign up again as a monthly subscription when the system kicks me out. Here’s my problem. I took advantage of one of your promotions in August for permanent 50% off premium subscriptions for VOD subscribers. The discount price is the same as the regular price (or it was until the current 25% off special began). Do I still get the 1/2 price discount?

AN was having some issues with their billing as they were transitioning to the new account system. I’ve forwarded your issue to one of the staff.

Thank you. Im not in a hurry. I think I have another month left on my current subscription. I went with the quarterly subscription at first as a test run. I liked it. I would buy an annual subscription if it won’t bill every month like the quarterly subscription did. I just assumed it was a glitch with Pay Pal.

We’re looking into the issue. Thanks for you patience!