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Subscription renewal isnt working


i get an email from you all saying my subscription for you cant be paid and i go to paypal and it says its been paid, what the hell is going on. this is what i get from paypal so someone want to figure out whats going on. it would just been easier to put my credit card info in but no you all say pal is the easiest. ya thats real false info isn’t it. either my subscription gets back up today or i go back to funimation. i will just pay 60 dollars for a whole yr there in advance

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I’ll forward this to Administration.

For future reference, please post all Anime Network Online Player issues in the Anime Network Technical Support & Customer Service thread. It will then be automatically forwarded to the correct people.

Thank you!


sorry i still cant navigate this forum thought i was in the right place, i hate this forum here


It’s no problem, I’ve already forwarded your info to them. Be on the watch for an answer.

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