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ANO new series seem to have thinned out



The arrival of new series for Roku seems to have really thinned out in the last number of months, especially compared to cable. If I look at my old cable schedule to the end of September I see:

Chivalry of a Failed Knight, up to Ep. 12 - nothing but a trailer on Roku
Bodacious Space Pirates Movie - not on Roku
Locodol up to Ep. 12 - not on Roku
Angelic Layer up to Ep. 25 - not on Roku
Strawberry Marshmallow up to Ep. 12 - not on Roku
When They Cry up to Ep. 21 - not on Roku

Hanamayata never appeared on Roku, either.

What do I see on the ANO schedule to the end of next month? More episodes of Rin-ne2 (which started way back) and Momokuri, that’s it.

Am I missing something here? Is there a licensing issue which is limiting ANO releases on Roku? All this comes at the end of a period of multiple months in which I’ve found myself watching less and less new content and wondering if something has changed. Are the trilingual releases taking the place of new English content on Roku?


I just subbed today with the two week trial and I’m already unsubbing for this reason. The animes that are not on funimation or crunchyroll are not on AN roku. I really wanted to see Chivalry of a failed knight. The roku is my only streaming option. Bad form AN, wasted my time creating a paypal account for this.

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