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Roku does not have all shows


I just subbed today with the two week trial and I’m already unsubbing for the reason that shows I want to watch are not on roku, and only on PC/VoD. The animes that are not on funimation or crunchyroll are not on AN roku. I really wanted to see Chivalry of a failed knight as well as many others. The roku is my only streaming option. Bad form AN, wasted my time creating a paypal account for this.


Thank you for reporting.

You already reported the same thing in another thread.

I will forward this on to Administration.


Yep. Available dubs are likewise not streaming. Monthly Girl Nozaki-Kun has been available as a dub since March, but is not streaming. After the bomb the competition dropped, I am uncertain why an anime fan would be interested in a TAN subscription. TAN doesn’t seem to be dubbing as many titles these days either. What you’d lose dropping TAN would be a drop in the bucket, honestly.


I’ve literally watched everything cr, and funimation have to offer multiple times. I wanted to watch sentai filmworks exclusives. Regrettably this doesn’t help. Dubs dont mean much to me unless im hungover, but if a service claims to offer a product I really appreciate it if they work on it asap.



As always, we appreciate your feedback. We essentially have two services advertised on our website. Our streaming service and our on-demand service specific to cable providers. Some content that is available on demand isn’t available for streaming at this time. Sometimes this is due to contract terms. Sometimes this is just an internal business decision that was made. Since the content is available on on-demand, we have titles such as Chivalry of a Failed Knight listed on our website for on-demand users to reference.

Some content that is available on the website isn’t available to stream on Roku because the file specs are incompatible. This is typically related to some of our older titles like Orphen. The titles in question will not appear in your search field when using a Roku. The content will carry over from your online queue, but when you try to access it from a Roku through your queue, you will get a message saying that you need to subscribe or log in to view the content. We are in the process of re-encoding titles, but this is a tedious and time-consuming process in which I can’t provide a date for when we will have this completed.

We are working on site enhancements which include looking into different ways to segment the available titles by platform. There also stands the potential that we could add some of the on-demand content to our streaming library in the future. Thank you for your continued support. If you have any additional questions or if you have any suggestions on how we can make TAN more customer friendly, I am willing to field your inquiries offline at Have a great day.

With all sincerity,
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Yet, Chivalry of a Failed Knight is available on Hulu, where you guys used to host your free stuff. You can always guarantee that TAN will tell you that they are working to improve things. Potential versus kinetic energy. lol I guess TAN thinks it allows them to get away with dragging their feet on everything. It is kind of like how subscribers begged for years for TAN to provide a Roku app before delivering on it only two years ago. And two years ago was also when TAN finally gave us a decent updated web platform. Coincidentally, it only took a few years of people complaining about the previous, stagnant website for that to happen too.


Hi @bp0114rd,

Chivalry of a Failed Knight will be available for streaming on 11/4. Thank you for your support.

Best regards,
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