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Any .funimation network fans on here?

who has the .funimation network/channel it is not bad, I got it because {AS} told Toonami that they could not show One Piece anymore so I got the FN like a week after …
The Straw crew and toonami parted ways,

Yes I still Like and watch Toonami don’t get me wrong , But I think the {AS} could have treated One Piece and Toonami a bit better than they did

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I don’t have Funimation network, but I have been watching One Piece on Crunchyroll since Toonami took it off the air.

I have a free account so I’m unable to hear the dub (Sigh… Zoro…)


There’s no sign of it coming back anytime soon if ever again. One Piece failed to gain an audience for as long as it ran, one of possibly a few reasons.

As much as I liked it, too many long running shows locking up timeslots on Toonami gets annoying. I feel like this decision was fine by me.

I know Funimation as an app, but I thought the channel is known as TOKU now.

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Comcast used to have Funimation a couple years ago. That’s actually where I first saw High School DxD and Stein’s Gate. Unlike ANOD, there were two sections: Free and PPV. Similar to SD ANOD, it was a rotating schedule with specific episodes available for a month. Never really had problems with their service, but if you wanted to watch PPV shows it was $1.99 each episode :scream:

I’ve never been the biggest fan of long running shonen (aside from Bleach), so One Piece wasn’t the biggest loss IMO. Not trying to diss anyone who likes it, just not my specific cup of tea.

Yes and no. (Not 100% on this)

Yes that Funi On Demand has departed and was seemingly replaced by Toku On Demand.

No because in my experience, for a few weeks before Funi OD’s demise, Toku OD was accessible.

It is completely possible that the channel could have different results than what I experienced, however since there is no one here to ask, I’m only left with my hypothesis. :pensive:

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I used to be subscribed to their website, but since the partnership with Crunchyroll, I haven’t really had a reason to. If I didn’t get annoyed with the VRV app, I would consider signing up for the VRV package so I could have access to the dubbed content, but it’s not really important enough anyway.

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My sub runs out this month. I’ll re up depending on if Date A Live III ends up exclusive there, but won’t renew until January

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