Art Contest

So, as we were chatting, Forest and I came up with an idea to start art contests for all of the talented artists in the forums. Here are the conditions for each contest.

Rules (Revised)

  1. Subjects will be chosen from suggestions made by non-participants. (The suggestion must include a subject or theme and a time limit. Ex: Draw Superheroes having a tea party by January 21st)
  2. The first suggestion made by 2pm Eastern Standard Time will be the subject.
  3. Those who wish to participate must message the suggester.
  4. The sign up deadline will be two days after the subject was chose at 2pm EST. (48 hour deadline)
  5. After the sign up deadline, the suggester shall then edit their post, listing all of the participants of the current contest.
  6. Each participant must submit their entry to this thread by 2pm EST on the day of the dealing set by the suggester.


  1. The winner shall be decided by open vote count, voters will message Iron K. Tager with their vote.
  2. This judge (Tager) will then tally up the vote count and post the winner on this first page (via edit) after each contest is over.
    Disclaimer: Tager will not be the one to decide the winner, simply keep the count. None of your information will be spread at any time :slight_smile:

These are all the conditions I has set so far, if there are any other rules or conditions you think should be set, please feel free to chime in and I’ll edit them accordingly.

Let’s all make this a super fun contest thread, I hope to see great things from everyone! ^-^

Is there a certain theme to this contest or can we get to draw wherever we want?

That’s up to the person suggesting the theme. For example, if I say, “Draw superheroes having a tea party” I just gave a you a subject (the superheroes, or a “figure drawing”) and a theme. The suggestor can be as vague or specific as they want, it’s up to the artist to do the rest. You know what I mean?

[size=16]The cumulative results of all contests will be placed here.[/size]

[details=Contests Won:]
Forest: 3

Skydemonwolf: 0

Ram: 0

Uka: 2

Frenchelectrican: 0[/details]

[details=Votes Accumulated:]
Forest: 6

Skydemonwolf: 0

Ram: 1

Uka: 4

Frenchelectrican: 3[/details]

[size=15]Previously posted:[/size]

[details=spoiler]I really do love this idea, and cannot wait until the contests get under way; however, I do have a suggestion for the contest and a couple of questions. :slight_smile:

My suggestion is on the second rule: "People who want to participate must say so on this thread."
I think that signing up for the contest each time after someone posts a new contest after the previous contest finishes would make the thread cluttered and possibly confusing; not to mention we would have many posts that hold little content or than an “aye”.
I suggest that any artist who wishes to participate in the contest instead message the person who presented the current challenge, and on the post that presents the challenge (well as the due dates) would also be a list of those who have messaged and signed themselves up for the contest. To add a new contestant, the person who is suggesting the topic would simply have to edit their post. ^-^
Alternatively, it has occurred to me that another rule could also alleviate this problem. If you specify that the artists must post their works in their original “aye” posts (via edits), then that would be efficient as well.

Then comes my question: will you tell us when the first suggestion will be posted, or will you leave it to a suggester to begin? :huh:
Also, who is judging this contest? Is it just the presenter of the topic, or is it an open ballet? (If the latter, I suggest using something similar to the first system I explained.)

Additionally, if there is any demand for it, there could be a cumulative scoring somewhere on this page (the first). I would not be opposed to giving this service if it is desired. :3

I hope you give heavy consideration to the points I have outlined here, and I again cannot wait until the contests begin. :cheer:[/details]

Yes Tager, I have taken all of your suggestions into consideration and as soon as I finish creating the rules, I will edit my first post with the revised rules. Thank you very much for your contribution.

Attention everyone!

I have finally tweaked the rules to set a good guideline for the art contests we will be having. I tried to make the rules fir well to make each contest as fair as possible. The first day we will be officially open for contest suggestions will be tomorrow, 1/14/14 @ 2pm EST! Make sure to drop by and toss in a suggestion because the first one we get after we open will be the first contest ever done! ^-^

We are now open for suggestions. The first suggestion to come after this post will be the subject for our first contest! Remember, anyone can make a suggestion!

Well, I feel as though snatching up the first suggestion with the one word that came straight to my head as soon as I heard this contest was happening. :cheer:

Vertigo :silly:

Due Date: 1/28/2014 (14 days/2 weeks)

Participants: Izaya Oriha, Forest, and Skydemonwolf.

Voter Deadline: 1/30/2014

And per the rules, everyone has 48 hours to message me and sign up. Have fun and go wild! :stuck_out_tongue:

Since this is the first contest, and a lot of this is new, please tell me in your “aye” message whether or not you think the time I have allotted is sufficient. ^-^

Woo hoo! Our first contest subject has arrived! ^-^

This is an extremely interesting one by the way, Tager. To save space, I’ll just post my entry on this post.

Awesome theme ^-^ entry

:dry: hope its ok

[details=Here is my entry][/details]

Hm… I didn’t know this thread existed… Looks like your entry deadline was today even… Not that I would enter, I’m not an artist. Still though, the thread shows some promise. Maybe if enough people take note of it, it could be kind of interesting…

like the Anime Viewing Club… :dry:

or new coke… :unsure:

The deadline has passed, it looks like Izaya will not be joining us this time. Any one who would like to vote may go ahead and do so. Don’t forget to send your vote to Tager and he’ll keep track. Thank you for your participation.

A rather small turnout with the first contest, but that is reasonable seeing how we have just started. Please keep in mind that any forum-goer who is not participating may vote. :slight_smile:

[details=“Vertigo” Results]
Skydemonwolf: 0

Forest: 2

Izaya Oriha: N/A[/details]

Let us keep doing our best and look forward to a better turnout next time! The next contest suggestion may be posted now.
Please include what is needed, including a due date and list of participants as they message you. :cheer:

Hm… only two voters? :unsure:

I think you need more artists maybe perhaps possibly… I can’t art, so I’m no help there unfortunately.

Haha, well, it’s better than nothing! Congrats Forest on winning! And I know I missed the deadline and didn’t enter, I’m very sorry for that but various circumstances came up so I was absent fronts site for a while.

Whew, good thing I reread the rules! Almost just posted a suggestion myself! But then I wouldn’t be able to enter! :pinch:
Anyway, someone hurry and post us a new challenge! I’ll make sure to actually enter a drawing this time!

OKAY FOLKS LISTEN UP!!! I gotta theme! ^-^ You must draw an elf!! Let’s see it artist! Let’s go!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :laugh: Oh and ya got till next Saturday! Febuary 14!

Okay So These are our contestants!


Izaya Oriha!!!

Due to the fact that it seem like Izaya will not be participating in this contest either, I don’t think I will post a picture. I wouldn’t want to win because I was the only one who entered. I think this could be fun if people were actually interested but it doesn’t really seem like it.

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Are mods allowed to enter? :slight_smile: