Forum Banners Needed!

[size=4]Hey guys,

If some of you recall, we used to have a lot of custom forum stuff in the old days. I’ve recently figured out how to do that on this system (I know, I had a lot more time back then to play around with the options in our message boards, not so much now.)

So anyway, now that I’ve figured that out, I thought it would be fun to let you guys design a forum banner for the site. You can find some examples of what some past submissions looked like,com_community/Itemid,79/albumid,7/task,album/userid,1/view,photos/

Pretty small, huh? It was a limitation I always hated, but I absolutely LOVED the stuff our members made for the site. Ok, so the specs for the banner are about:

947 x 157, .jpg only

That should cover a nice portion of the top of the forum, while still being uniform to the width. So, if you’d like to design a banner for our little forum here, please feel free to,com_community/Itemid,79/userid,1/view,profile/

P.S. Using some of the shows we have on the site would be great, even better if they’re recent shows. The only limitations I’ll put on this thing is that the images have to be shows we have here on the site, also there’s no need to add the “A” logo as it’s already at the top. The name of the show would be fine, or even just Anime Network.

Hopefully we’ll get enough submissions to get a rotation going. Thanks, everyone!


Can they be animated? Any file size limits?

Yeah sorry, I forgot to mention any of that. Well, since the banner will be the width of the board here, animated might be too distracting. Though if it’s done tastefully it could work.

There is no file size limit, though I would keep it low. Load times, you know.

I’d be more than willing to chip in on this. I haven’t done any recent editing work, so I could use a kickstart with something like this.

I suppose you would like the banner to say “The Anime Network” on it yes?

Sounds fun! I will try to put one up tomorrow :slight_smile: Would your prefer button looking banners, or long ones?

Yes that would be a good thing to have on it. :slight_smile:

The specs are on the first post, not sure what you mean by button looking banners.

Never mind, just went back up, did some research, noticed that included the specs on the size :whistle: Anyway, I think I will do one for Another, unless you have heard someone else is doing that one.

So it should look something like this? :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Hornet65” post=107897]So it should look something like this? :stuck_out_tongue:



POOF! First one’s up, courtesy of sbitzer.

Sbitzer made that? But there’s no headphones!

That one is just a test. :wink:

Yes, that was indeed just a test. I’m still trying to figure out how I can randomize the banners on page load. That might take some time, but please send me your submissions anyway, I’d like to have a bunch ready when I solve the randomize issue. Thanks, everyone!

I messing around with the limited resources that I have at my disposal… These ones I’m making aren’t bad, though they are a little simple… Let’s see then… I need to go find a DVD :slight_smile:

Awe… my Elfen Lied banner. So going to do this.

And… sent! ^^;;

Cool, will see what I can come up with. :slight_smile:

I sent one to Rai, too-just a quick one from Infinite Stratos.

I had made an Infinite Stratos one as well, but that’s not the one I sent to Rai.
The one I sent is a little simpler than the IS one I made… but it’s my favorite so I had to send it. :slight_smile: