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[details=“Fireworks” results:]
Forest: 0

Frenchelectrican: 0

Ram: 3[/details]

Congratulations! And good work to all those who participated! :slight_smile:

The thread is now open for another contest. Please be sure to read all the rules and include all required information in the contest post! :slight_smile:


I want to try to get this started again. So I propose a new drawing contest. I want you to draw a fairy.

You can enter by sending me a message. Anyone can enter. The drawing will be due by November 10 and voting will start the next day.

I do hope many of you decide to enter.



Iron K Tager


If I’m the only one, do I win?


Not yet. Not until after the dead line. And you can’t even win by default if you don’t submit anything.


[quote=“Ram, post:83, topic:7312”]
If I’m the only one, do I win?[/quote]

Ram just wants that $40 bucks he thinks I owe him to be the prize. :smirk:


Two days left you guys… anyone can enter… anyone…any… one… please…

Ram if you don’t submit anything you can’t even win by default.


Suddenly, a wild Tager appears!
This is the first drawing I have done in about half a decade, so apologies for the quality (and how it might look kind of weird). :blush:




Well Tager you appear to be the default winner. Congratulations.


Okay, I’m hardly online but I’ll defiantly come back on if we can do this again.


I am always ready to continue this thing. If I think of a new contest idea, I’ll post it, but until then the floor is open for anyone to start one! :smiley:


I would be willing to give it another chance as well but we could never really generate enough interest for it to be fun.


I’m sorry. I’m super late at replying. But I understand where your coming from. It really is hard to get people to join. Maybe we could ask some of our friends to join. Like our outside friends. Id be fun.