Back! For a limited time only!

So Lion-O thought he could get rid of me ?


Where evil exists … Mumm-Ra lives… MUMM-RA LIIIIIIVVVEEEES…


I managed to find my way back to the TAN and the forums. Don’t know how though. I miss the vast majority of you :slight_smile:

PS: 100th post!

Welcome back V, even if it is only for a short time.

Hey man, I was wondering where you’d run off to. Good to know Mumm-Ra lives where evil exists–just like yin and yang. Or in this case, is it more like yin and yin? :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back! Was wondering about you recently. Nice to know you’re still around! :slight_smile:

Lolwut? I thought this was going to be about the McRib. We’ve needed a thread about that for quite some time.

Does this mean you’ll be going back into the vault?

Welcome back!

PretearHimeno wrote:

Yes, I am the McRib. Eat me. :wink:

Snowy Stampede:

Just like the Animaniacs !

LadyOfWicca Hentai and slickwolfie singing in immaculate chorus:

I know I know, hold your applause until I finish my speech!


Glad to be back, Thank you!

Hey, glad you could re-join us.

Welcome back

Remember…Ceiling Cat is watching you post

outlander wrote:

[quote]Welcome back

Remember…Ceiling Cat is watching you post[/quote]

Hope ceiling cat enjoys the 3am show!

Sorry that I am late to the party here…but welcome back.

Mrrroooowww. Welcome back.

Welcome back. :slight_smile:

Vector2031 wrote:

Thank you !

shadycat wrote:

I found ceiling cat ! :slight_smile:

ShawnMerrow wrote:

Its good to be back.

VercigenariX wrote:


Snowy Stampede:

Just like the Animaniacs ![/quote]

Ahh memories. :slight_smile:

I’d say welcome back but I don’t think I met you the first time around so I will just say hi. Hi! :wink:

Froggy wrote:

Hi Froggy. Delighted to have met your acquaintance. I shall do your kind gesture justice by attempting to post every day!

welcome VercigenariX