Okay I need help

I want to subscribe for 3 months but after 3 month they will charge me again but what if i decided not to continue on watching anime? how can i cancel so they wont charge on my credit card again? sorry my english is really bad :x pls help.!! :frowning:

Sign up for a subscription. Wait until you see your credit card has been charged. Then go to Blog / Important Notice for Anime Network Online Users - Anime Network and click “Cancel”. We’ll cancel billing for your subscription and you’ll still be able to watch until your subscription expires.

For future reference, there’s a thread dedicated to subscription questions and issues:

You should just go with hulu plus or netflix. they’re alot easier to cancel.

It’s possible this person wants to watch something not offered on those places. Please let us answer these questions.

and what is that suppose to mean?

It means that when someone is asking for help and an Administrator answers the question. Let it go.

Don’t jump into the conversation. It’s already over and it’s a good way to get yourself a vacation from the boards.