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Genres: action, mystery, science fiction
Themes: fighting, post-apocalyptic, superpowers, tragedy
Objectionable content: Intense
Running time: 24 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 13
Vintage: 2014-04-08
Opening Theme: “black bullet” by fripSide
Ending Theme: “Tokohana” by Nagi Yanagi

Plot Summary: In the year 2021, mankind was defeated by Gastrea, a parasitical virus, and is forced to live within a wall made of Varanium Monoliths, a metal that is able to subdue Gastrea. Soon, the “Cursed Children”, children born with the Gastrea virus who are able to control it—which gives them superhuman abilities—were discovered. Due to the Gastrea virus’ intervention, the Cursed Children could only be female. Civil Securities are formed to specialize in fighting against Gastrea, operating with the pair of an Initiator, who are cursed children, and a Promoter, serving to lead the cursed children. Ten years after the war, Rentaro Satomi, a high school student who is also a Promoter in his childhood friend Kisara Tendo’s Tendo Civil Security, along with his Initator Enju Aihara, receives a secret mission to prevent the Tokyo Area’s destruction. (from ANN)


Episode 1 -

Great! More bugs! LOL But Enju is cute and the story looks promising, so I’ll see how it goes.


Episode 2 –

[details=spoiler]The “Cursed Children” help to protect the city, but are treated like garbage. Most Promoters treat them like tools and something disposable. Rentaro is a promoter and his Initiator is Enju. Enju is just adorable and probably one of the lucky ones, because Rentaro treats her more like a little sister.

Rentaro tries to save a Cursed Child when she’s caught stealing. The police take her away and execute her, but she survives and Rentaro pays for her medical treatment. Then there’s this crazy, bloodthirsty Promoter who is barely human anymore and his daughter. He asks Rentaro to partner with him and offers him money. Of course Rentaro refuses, but I think Hiruko left him with a subtle threat against Enju.

The next day, a rumor spreads through Enju’s school that she is a Cursed Child. Supposedly, the school sent her home, but she isn’t there when Rentaro looks for her. These children are really discriminated against, but Seitenshi, the great lady that rules Tokyo, wants to change that, and give the children the rights they deserve. She would like to see everyone live in peace. That is going to be a long, hard road.

Rentaro searches for Enju throughout the city and ends up in the Outer District where the Cursed Children live. He speaks with an Elder that takes care of some of the little girls, but he claims not to have seen Enju. Matsuzaki even urges Rentaro to find another Initiator, like Enju can be replaced so easily. Rentaro takes offense at that, but knows it isn’t Matsuzaki’s fault for thinking that way. Rentaro leaves to continue his search, and Enju comes out of hiding. Matsuzaki asks the crying girl if she really wants to let Rentaro go. It’s just so sad! I hope Enju goes back to Rentaro.

There is also the mystery of the “Inheritance of the Seven Stars” – something that can destroy the Monolith barrier. This is what Hiruko is after. That, and the “Great Extinction”. I can’t wait to see what that is all about![/details]


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Episode 3 –

[details=spoiler]Enju returned to school all by herself! Unfortunately, no one wants her there, and her friends have turned against her. But Enju is a brave little girl for not wanting to give up. Thankfully, there’s a Gastrea around for her to take out her anger on, and it’s the one they’re looking for. She cries after she defeats it. She just saved the school and all her friends, but they aren’t her friends anymore. Rentaro comforts her, and for now, that’s enough.

But just as Rentaro pick up the case containing the Inheritance of the Seven Stars, Hiruko shows up. Rentaro should have known better! Kohina slices him up pretty good too. I’m surprised he can still stand after that. Hiruko shoots him again too, but Rentaro wakes up in a hospital. Kisara is with him and tells him that the case that Hiruko took has a “catalyst” that can summon a Stage Five Gastrea. That’s not good. It will lead to the extinction that Hiruko mentioned, and apparently wants. Hiruko himself has disappeared into the Unexplored Territory, where he will summon the Stage Five. Of course, Rentaro is going after him!

The Unexplored Territory does not look like fun. It looks like a throw back to the dinosaur age. Almost as soon as Rentaro and Enju are dropped off, they are chased by a Stage Four. They manage to escape, and meet another Initiator that got separated from her Promoter. Kayo and Rentaro have an interesting conversation, and Rentaro takes her back to her Promoter. That would be Shogen, and he’s found Hiruko![/details]


Looks like I have to watch this one now.


So there’s a precocious loli and she’s entered the “bro zone” though she’s not content with that and is striking for the waifu zone? Dunno about that.

What was wrong with the precocious lolis of yesteryear, like Ruri from Nadesico?


Another winner. I watched episode 1 and found it thoroughly enjoying.

lol lolis are the last hope of humanity.


Ep. 4

They retrieve the object , maybe kill off psycho guy (doubt it) and Rentaro lies to Enju about her corrosion rate. He tells her 27%, It’s actually at 42.5%. Over 50% and she turns into a gastrea.


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posted on 2014-05-01 03:15 EDT

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 01 is now LIVE![/b]


Episode 4 –

[details=spoiler]Kayo stays behind at the ruined city’s edge to fight the monsters as Enju and Rentaro move ahead to find Shogen and Hiruko. But all the ruined city has to show them are bloodied body parts. They do find Shogen, although he’s acting oddly, and saying that he can still fight. He falls in front of them and they can see his own sword stuck through in his back. Hiruko and Kohina are on the roof of the nearby church, and are ready to fight Rentaro and Enju.

Meanwhile, Seitenshi and the others are observing from the command center in Tokyo, and Seitenshi has summoned Kisara to ask her about Rentaro and Enju. Kisara is confident that the Satomi pair will win and tells how Rentaro once saved her at the loss of his own right hand, right leg, and left eye. The others seemed surprised that Dr. Sumire Muroto was in charge of his surgery.

Back at the ruined city, Hiruko refuses to relinquish the case without a fight, and Rentaro is more than ready to take this guy out! Hiruko puts up his barrier, but Rentaro goes right through it, punching Hiruko in the face. The skin on Rentaro’s artificial limbs melts off and Hiruko can see that they are made of Varanium. Rentaro introduces himself as being from the “Ground Self-Defense Force’s Eastern Force, 787th Mechanization Special Unit of the New Humanity Creation Plan”.

The men in the command center are surprised that there is “another one”, but Hiruko just laughs. Kohina attacks and Enju pushes her back. Enju takes on Hiruko and Rentaro faces Kohina. Hiruko does give Rentaro another chance to join him, telling him that they are the chosen ones, but Rentaro rejects the offer once again. Enju attacks Hiruko again and Rentaro protects her, but Hiruko strikes him instead.

Gushing blood, Rentaro wonders if he will die, even as Hiruko tells him that he’s lost. However, with thoughts of Enju to keep him going, Rentaro pulls out the experimental drug the doctor gave him. It may regenerate him or it may turn him into a Gastrea. Rentaro was warned not to use it if he didn’t have to, but he now stabs himself with all of the syringes. He screams in pain as he stops bleeding, and his eye turns red, but quickly goes back to normal. He seems fine and is ready to fight again.

Rentaro throws Kohina back and attacks Hiruko again. He gets past the barrier again and strikes Hiruko, sending him flying. Rentaro hits him again and Hiruko falls into the water, sinking. His signal is lost, but is he dead? Kohina cries for her Papa, and Rentaro tells Enju that she is no longer an enemy. But where is the case he’s supposed to retrieve?

Rentaro gets a call from Kisara, telling him that a Stage Five Gastrea has already appeared, and the defense forces are no match for it. But Kisara has a plan and Seitenshi has approved it. Kisara tells him about “Heaven’s Ladder”. It’s a railgun and if they can use it, they might have a chance. It’s all beat up from the outside, but I’m surprised the inside is in such good shape. And luckily, it uses Varanium projectiles. Rentaro connects the railgun to the command center and all he has to do now is sit back and watch, but you know something will have to go wrong.

And it does! There’s a problem in the firing chamber. Rentaro and Enju go to investigate and find that there aren’t any rounds! The chamber is empty, and now there’s a coolant leak as well. So, what’s a guy with Varanium limbs to do? Well, Rentaro pulls off his arm of course! I knew this was coming – a bit too predictable. He loads his arm into a chamber, but command has lost the ability to fire the gun. Once again, it’s Rentaro to the rescue. The fate of the world lies in Rentaro’s human hand, but he isn’t sure he can do this.

Sweating profusely, Rentaro targets the Gastrea and decides that he can’t do it. Enju tells him that he can, but he has too many fears that things will go wrong. Enju assures him that he can do it. Putting her arm around him, Enju tells Rentaro that he’s the only one that can save the world. She places her hand over his on the trigger. Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, Rentaro is ready. He targets and fires! The Gastrea is blown to pieces and Tokyo is saved.

At dawn, Rentaro leaves the facility to find the surrounding grounds covered in dead Gastrea. He finds Kayo’s gun and then Kayo herself. She’s so badly injured that it’s obvious she doesn’t have long to live. Rentaro gently berates her for not keeping her promise to run away. She asks about Shogen and Rentaro lies, telling her that he’s safe. Kayo begins to turn into a Gastrea, begging Rentaro to let her die as a human, and telling him why she didn’t run away. Kayo thanks him as the shaking Rentaro points his gun at her.

Kayo promises to be Rentaro’s friend and he thanks her. As the sun rises higher, Kayo tells Rentaro to follow the light and save the world. Both are crying as Rentaro pulls the trigger. And then the helicopters arrive to pick Rentaro and Enju up. Rentaro reports to his foster father, who is also Kisara’s grandfather and Seitenshi’s advisor. Rentaro doesn’t like Kikunojo much, and knows he’s against the new law that would raise the status of the Cursed Children. Rentaro also suspects that Kikunojo was behind this recent incident in order to prevent the law from passing.

Rentaro draws his gun, but Kikunojo reminds him that the Gastrea destroyed his family and killed many others. He just can’t allow the children who carry Gastrea blood to have the same rights as humans. Kikunojo is very unforgiving, telling Rentaro that the children are demons that will destroy the world. However, Rentaro believes in the children and Kikunojo calls him a fool. Rentaro also reminds Kikunojo that he once saved his life and gave him the will to live. Saying this, Rentaro lowers the gun, and walks away.

Rentaro met with Seitenshi and tells her that he opened the case to find it contained a child’s broken tricycle. People died for this? He wonders how it would possibly summon a Stage Five and asks Seitenshi what the Gastrea are. She says that she cannot tell him that at this point, but does tell him how he can find out. Unless I’m way off, I think it’s obvious that the Gastrea have human origins. Why else would a tricycle be so important?

Rentaro later meets Enju in the park and she notes his new arm, asking if he’s better now. She also asks about the results of her corrosion exam and is a bit disappointed that her percentage has barely changed. Rentaro certainly has much to think about now. Will he learn all the secrets? At the very end, Enju’s corrosion rate is shown and it’s much higher than what Rentaro said. Another seven percent and it looks like Rentaro will lose Enju as well. I can see why he lied to her.[/details]

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 02 is now LIVE![/b]


As of Ep.6

Cockblock score:

Enju: 2, Rentaro: 0


Ep. 01

Don’t know what to make of this one yet.
It was kinda cool, but not overly interesting to me as of yet.


This show shines when it is doing its Solty Rei/Moonlighting thing with the main dude and his boss but it stumbles when it focuses on the “Aria the Scarlett Ammo” esque loli and her quest to make herself into the main character’s waifu.

Episode 2 had a really poignant scene but then it totally wimped out and undid the setup.

IMO this show is Gunslinger Girl + Aria the Scarlett Ammo. Better than the latter but not yet up to the former.


Episode 5 –

[details=spoiler]Rentaro needs to find a new school for Enju, but I don’t think he liked Kisara’s suggestion. She also has a job for him as a bodyguard. The client is none other than Seitenshi and she requested Rentaro personally. President Saitake is coming to see her and Seitenshi seems a bit apprehensive about the visit, especially with Kikunojo away. Seitenshi intends to keep Rentaro close, but it seems that the head of her personal bodyguards doesn’t like Rentaro much, particularly when he says he hasn’t decided to take the job yet.

Sure enough, when Rentaro gets lost in the palace, Yasuwaki corners him. Holding him at gunpoint, he tells Rentaro to refuse the job. He sounds jealous when he says that his place is next to Seitenshi and won’t allow Rentaro to have it. Yasuwaki then orders his subordinates to break Rentaro’s arms and legs, but I think Yasuwaki is about to get a big surprise.

Rentaro quickly turns the tables, but his gunshot was heard and Yasuwaki flees, promising to kill Rentaro. And of course after this, Rentaro is eager to take the job. As he leaves the place, eh comes upon three guys bullying a little girl. Once he shows them his ID, the guys run away, and Rentaro sees that the little girl is wearing pajamas. She calls Rentaro a superhero and asks where she is. He cleans up her face and the child almost falls asleep. She then pulls out a bottle of caffeine pills and takes a handful. She tells Rentaro that she’s nocturnal.

Rentaro finally finds out that the girl’s name is Tina Sprout, but she’s evasive to Rentaro’s other questions. Rentaro gives her his number and tells her to go to a police box. Instead of that, Tina turns away from him and calls him while in front of him to make sure he gave her the right number, and tells him that she remembered where her apartment is. Hanging up and facing him again, she tells Rentaro that she had fun and hopes to see him again. What a strange child!

Later that night, Tina gets a phone call. It turns out that the cute little girl is really an assassin, and her target is Seitenshi! I guess she will be seeing Rentaro again. After taking a shower and getting dressed up, Tina goes to a storage room full of weapons. This little girl is no joke! As she walks down the street, pulling a cello case behind her, she’s stopped by the police. The policeman is only concerned about a child wandering the streets at night, but Tina reports to her “master” that a policeman has stopped her, and receives an order to kill him. Her eyes turn red – Tina is a cursed child!

It seems that Tina is very good at what she does, as a crowd later gathers around the wrecked patrol car. The police officer was found unconscious and is in critical condition. Rentaro and Enju are in the crowd and Enju wonders why people can’t get along. Back home, Rentaro and Enju are just about to eat when the doorbell rings. It’s someone named Miori and she’s sick. She wants Rentaro to take care of her, and then conveniently passes out on his floor. Enju asks who she is and is told that Miori is the student council president at Rentaro’s school, as well as being the daughter of a weapons company. Kisara shows up next and passes out from hunger right on top of Miori.

Rentaro tells Enju that the two girls hate one another and that having them together will cause “some horrific chemical reaction”. Sure enough, the girls do not get along. Kisara lets Rentaro know that his job starts the following day. Now, he just needs to survive the evening. LOL Which he does since he arrives at work the next day. However, I don’t think his apartment fared too well.

Seitenshi asks Rentaro about Saitake, and Rentaro describes him as a dictator – and the most dangerous one at that. Seitenshi appreciates the warning and tells Rentaro not to leave her side. After they meet, Saitake tells Seitenshi that she lacks vision. It seems that Saitake is another idiot that wants to take over the world. He also intends to eliminate anyone that stands in his way – a subtle threat to Seitenshi.

Rentaro later tells Seitenshi that not even Kikunojo could handle Saitake, and praises her for not yielding to him. Seitenshi notices that Rentaro didn’t yield to Saitake either and she enjoyed that. She tells Rentaro that Saitake is getting support from other countries in return for Varanium. With this, Seitenshi tells Rentaro that he will be working for her permanently. She has her own peaceful vision for Japan, even if she is threatened with assassination. She will not give up her dream.

Rentaro tells Seitenshi what he thinks of her, which is a foolish idealist that won’t live long. Enju adds in her two cents, which was pretty funny. Enju also has a bad feeling that something is about to happen. And it does! The convoy is attacked and her bodyguards take Seitenshi to safety, but Rentaro knows that the danger has already passed. Rentaro wonders who the enemy is. Wait till he finds out it’s Tina!

Meanwhile, Tina reports her failure to her master. She also wonders who the skilled civil officer was that prevented her from hitting her target. Wait till she finds out that it’s Rentaro![/details]


Episode 6 –

[details=spoiler]Tina calls Rentaro and asks him to show her around the city. He buys her something to eat and Tina covers it in her caffeine pills. LOL Rentaro is still thinking about he assassin. He tried to do some research and find out who it was, but he got nowhere. Little does he know that the assassin is sitting right next to him! But poor little Tina is so sleepy that she can’t even feed herself. When they part, Tina receives a new mission to kill Kisara.

Rentaro pays a visit to Miori at the student council office, but Kisara tags along intended to kill Miori. They really do hate each other that much. LOL Rentaro tells Kisara to wait outside, but she refuses to leave Rentaro and Miori alone together. And Miori was all ready for Kisara. She pulls Rentaro inside and locks the door before Kisara can react.

Miori provides Rentaro with information on the bullet recovered at the scene of the assassination attempt. She also shows Rentaro where the shot came from. Tina is another Golgo 13! Miori warns Rentaro to be careful. Rentaro asks Miori to do a little research on Saitake, thinking he may be behind all this. In return, Miori asks to see his power and tells him that he can do anything he wants to her body. Just as Rentaro is getting uncomfortable, Kisara breaks in – literally – and asks what they’re doing as she points her sword at them. Miori also lets Kisara think that Rentaro is going to transfer to her company as long as she offers herself to him. She wanders out, leaving Rentaro with a very angry Kisara!

Sumire later tells Rentaro that he isn’t worthy of Kisara, but he should be trying harder. Enju just smirks. Sumire has called the pair in to congratulate them. Having killed Hiruko, they have moved up in the ranks. She feels that it’s time to tell Rentaro about the other three prodigies. Apparently Sumire is the fourth of that group. She tells him about the New Humanity Creation Plan and warns Rentaro that he is going to run into trouble if he tries to pursue his origins.

Rentaro also finds out that Hiruko was created by Grunewald, the prodigy from Germany that brought the others together to work on the New Humanity Creation Plan. Sumire wants to talk to Enju, so she dismisses Rentaro and tells him to go put Kisara in a good mood. Meanwhile, Tina finds out more about Kisara and finds out that a pair from her agency is the ones that thwarted her assassination attempt. Tina finds out that one of the pair is named Enju and the other is.…… Well, that’s what you get for talking on the phone with too many people around. The phone is knocked from Tina’s hand and the call is disconnected. So who does Enju work with? I’m sure she’ll find out soon enough.

Kisara is still fuming over Rentaro and Miori when Tina arrives to kill her. How Kisara managed to avoid that gun is beyond me, but she’s able to come out of nowhere and attack Tina with her sword, breaking the gun. Tina does end up defeating Kisara, but her hands begin to shake before she can kill her. Kisara realizes how scared Tina is to kill someone. Tina tosses the useless gun away and begins to strangle Kisara.

Kisara yells out for Rentaro to help her and Tina hesitates, her red eyes returning to normal. Suddenly, Rentaro attacks Tina from behind. Tina evades his attack and picks up the destroyed gun, using it as a shield. They finally get a good look at one another. Neither can believe who the other is. Rentaro approaches Tina and the gun goes off. Rentaro grabs it and tells Kisara to cut the floor. Tina sadly says Rentaro’s name and disappears. Rentaro doesn’t go after her. He has his hands full with Kisara.

At the hospital, Rentaro asks Kisara about getting a kidney transplant, but she has her reasons not to. Telling Rentaro that she’s learned something from Miori, she closes the curtains and tells Rentaro that he can hold her hand. When Rentaro questions her, she tells him that it’s like being a couple. Remembering Sumire’s words, Rentaro whispers Kisara’s name and reaches for her hand. Suddenly, Kisara’s breasts are being groped, and she thinks it’s Rentaro. LOL But of course it’s Enju. As the girls have words, Rentaro sadly looks at his hand. Poor guy just missed another chance!

Kisara know that there will probably be another assassination attempt and order Rentaro to eliminate the sniper, but Rentaro only promises to stop her. When he and Enju are with Seitenshi again, he tells her that he’s sure Saitake is behind trying to have her killed. Seitenshi says that she can’t do anything without proof. They are on their way to another meeting and Rentaro gets upset that Seitenshi takes her life so lightly. The angry guy tells Seitenshi that he will protect her and will not allow her to be killed while he’s her bodyguard. Seitenshi just quietly thanks him.

The car pulls up to the meeting place and under very heavy security, Rentaro begins to escort Seitenshi in. He’s stopped by Yasuwaki, who is insulted that Seitenshi did not arrive in her usual limo. Suddenly, Rentaro hears a sound and turns to see one of the guards get shot. Rentaro grabs Seitenshi and drops to the ground, his body protecting hers as another shot hits Rentaro in the arm. He tosses Seitenshi into a car and they manage to get away. Rentaro tells Enju to keep watch. He mentions Tina’s name and Seitenshi seems to recognize it.

Enju announces a flash just before another shot takes out the car accompanying them. Their driver panics and Rentaro manages to help him get the car around the wrecked one. He tells the driver to pull into an underground garage. Rentaro and Enju jump out of the car and Enju says that she will go after the sniper alone. Rentaro warns her to be careful and to make sure she comes back. Enju’s eyes turn red and she takes off.

Seitenshi joins Rentaro and he yells at her for getting out of the car. She ignores him and asks where Enju is. When she finds out that Enju went after the sniper, she tells Rentaro to call her back immediately. Seitenshi tells Rentaro that Tina is ranked ninety seven, is an “Owl Initiator”, and is also a mechanized soldier. Enju won’t stand a chance against her! Rentaro calls Enju and when the call is answered, he’s very relived. He tells her to return immediately and that they will need to regroup. However, his relief is short lived when Tina is the one that answers him. Rentaro’s phone falls to the ground and his blood drops onto it, splattering across Enju’s name. Is this a foreshadowing? Did Tina really just kill Enju? I don’t believe it![/details]


Ep. 02

That was actually a pretty good second episode!
And definitely a good place to stop to get me to come back next week.