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Genres: action, comedy, drama, mystery, supernatural
Themes: detectives, game, superpowers
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: “Minimum” - a special inborn power found in a limited number of human beings, known as “minimum holders.” In Yokohama, the detective team Hamatora, formed by two minimum holders named Nice and Murasaki, comes across information connected to a serial killer being pursued by their old friend Art. It turns out all the victims are minimum holders like them. Unwillingly at first, the two detectives become involved in the investigation.
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2014-01-07
Opening Theme: “FLAT” by Livetune ft. Yuki Ozaki
Ending Theme: “Hikari (Light)” by Wataru Hatano

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Re: Hamatora


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Genres: drama, mystery
Themes: human experimentation
Objectionable content: Intense
Plot Summary: Three months have passed since the riot in Yokohama, and life has returned to normal… Or as normal as things could be. When faced with a shocking betrayal, the Hamatora detectives and their friends at Café Nowhere must try to hold things together as they come falling down, piece by piece.
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2014-07-07
Opening Theme: “Sen no Tsubasa” (A Thousand Wings) by livetune adding Takuro Sugawara from 9mm Parabellum Bullet
Ending Theme: “Brand New World” by Ayami

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Blood Lad’s Kodama, 428’s Kitajima Make Hamatora Anime, Manga, Game

posted on 2013-09-30 10:55 EDT
Manga about superpowered beings to begin in Young Jump in November

Episode 2 –

When Nice was running with the bomb, I knew the guy he ran into was the serial killer that the cops are looking for. It was so obvious. And taking a brain out for a walk? This one is a real nut job!

Episode 6 –

The story of Raito and Birthday was very touching. I really wish Art would just tell Nice about Moral, already. But it looks like Nice may have found out enough on his own.

Episode 7 –


I’m glad that Art is finally letting Nice in on things, and admitted to Moral’s involvement, even if Nice did trick him into it. But Art still doesn’t like Nice getting involved with his investigation. I’m still not sure how Gasquet fits in to all this. He’s either working with Moral or he is Moral.

So, Moral wants to “save” Nice from his supposed solitude, and now Art knows this. But Art isn’t going to be able to tell Nice anything. Moral turns into Gasquet and attacks Art. Moral offers Art a Minimum and when Art refuses, Moral stabs him with a knife. He whispers a secret in Art’s ear and then shoots him. Such a tragic death! Even sadder is the fact that Nice is trying to call Art as he dies. Wow! Shock! I wasn’t expecting this character to die. I was hoping Art’s own Minimum would eventually reveal itself and he would end up working with Nice. Moral really is twisted!

Episode 10 –


Moral leaks the existence of Minimum Holders and if that isn’t causing enough problems, he leaks the names and addresses of the ones speaking out against Minimum Holders. Moral would love to see a war start! Plus he as his own private army as well. Looks like he’s getting his wish too as the world goes crazy.

And poor Nice still can’t get in touch with Art. He still doesn’t know his friend is dead, and has been replaced by Moral. That is just so tragic. However, when Nice pays an unexpected visit to Art’s office, he picks up some interesting clues. He also knows where to find Moral. But wait! Is Art alive after all? Is that hacker/florist lady taking care of him?

Hamatora Project “To Be Continued”

posted on 2014-03-25 23:57 EDT

Episode 11 –


Now, why would Nice bring Moral to the café? Moral seems to know the owner too, although Master denies it. And does he ever stop grinding coffee beans? LOL He never seems to do anything else! The world has fallen into chaos as tensions rise between Minimum Holders and the ones that hate them.

Nice explains how he found Moral. He also knows that he replaced Art, and now asks Moral what happened to Art. He tells Nice that he already knows the answer as he turns into Art. Nice says he knows what to do now, but first wants to hear the whole story. Moral tells Nice how he has been creating Minimum Holders, and how he created his army, which pretty much solves the other case of kids getting guns. Once again, Moral’s reasons for doing all this are twisted.

Nice has no intention of letting Moral leave, but Moral is well prepared for his escape, as he holds Koneko – or rather her head - hostage. However, Moral does plan to face Nice soon, just not yet. By the time Nice gets to join the others at the Civic Center, Takahiro is trying to protect his mother. It’s truly sad that the woman rejects him even now for being a Minimum Holder and a monster. It isn’t until Takahiro is wounded and lies dying that Itou can finally accept her son and say that she is proud of him.

Moral is watching this tender scene on the television and cries. Saying that he will save Takahiro, Moral transmits a code and Takahiro explodes, showering everyone with blood. Itou goes into shock and screams. Hajime cries over the loss of her friend. Nice is angry and calls out Moral’s name. Go and get him, Nice! Moral deserves whatever fate awaits him. He is the true monster! In the end, it looks like Hajime may go off the deep end. I know she wants revenge against Moral too.

Episode 12 –


Moral finally faces Nice, but it seems that Moral is the powerful one now, with a teleportation Minimum. It’s the Type 0 Minimum that Moral had stolen from the police that time. And Moral isn’t finished playing with the populace yet either. It seems he’s going to make everyone deaf.

At least the police have captured that hacker partner of Moral’s, but she isn’t talking. Moral tells Nice that once people are weakened by hearing loss, he will give them power. The insane man still thinks he’s a friend to the weak, and even considers himself a messiah. And he’s doing it all for Nice. He wants him to experience helplessness for the first time in his life.

So, how is Nice going to stop this nut job? Moral finally admits to killing Art, but I still don’t think he’s dead. Murasaki comes to join in the fight, but he’s certainly no match for Moral. Moral intends to kill him as well. Murasaki tells Nice that revenge isn’t his style before he passes out. When Nice faces Moral again, he just stands there with his eyes closed and continuously snaps his finger next to his ear.

The fight on the boat is being televised now and everyone sends their support to Nice. He tosses his phone into the ocean, because it’s breaking his concentration. So much for that! LOL It looks like a boat is headed out to the ship. I wonder if it’s Hajime. I think revenge is more her thing anyway. Nice tells Moral that he isn’t a hero and doesn’t care if people go deaf. But he still isn’t going to let Moral have his way - simply because Nice doesn’t like him!

As they fight again, it looks like Nice is teleporting now too. And he’s beating the heck out of Moral! Yes! But Moral is happy at this turn of events. He wants them to be equal. However, Moral starts coughing blood. No human can survive having two Minimums – according to Art, who steps into the room. He IS alive! But why is he here?

Art shoots Moral. Nice is really happy to see him, but he questions Art’s motive for killing Moral, as he kneels next to his body. Moral was through anyway. There was no reason to kill him. Just as Nice says this isn’t like Art, Art has his gun to the back of Nice’s head. Art says he’s sorry he’s late and the screen goes black as a gunshot is heard. What? Art shot Nice? Was it really Art? I know Moral said something to him in the graveyard before he shot him. I wonder if he planted a suggestion in his mind. Or perhaps the hacker lady did something to him. Or maybe it really isn’t Art at all, but another form of Moral. There is a “to be continued” after the credits, but the suspense is going to kill me till then!

Re:_Hamatora to Air in July With Anime Studio Lerche

posted on 2014-04-30 13:00 EDT
Seiji Kishi directs new Hamatora anime with returning cast

Re:␣Hamatora Character Videos for Birthday, Ratio, Art, Murasaki Posted

posted on 2014-06-18 14:45 EDT
New TV series to premiere on July 7

Re:␣Hamatora Anime’s 1st Full Promo Previews Story, Theme Songs

posted on 2014-06-23 08:55 EDT
livetune feat. 9mm Parabellum Bullet, Chiyū voice actress Ayami perform themes for July 7 anime

Crunchyroll Adds Re: Hamatora Anime Series

posted on 2014-06-25 15:11 EDT
Sequel series to premiere on July 7

Re:␣Hamatora Anime’s TV Spot Aired Before July 7 Premiere

posted on 2014-06-27 11:00 EDT
Anime sequel premieres on July 7 with livetune/9mm Parabellum Bullet, Ayami theme songs

Re: Hamatora OP/ED Revealed, Animation and Theme Song PV Also Releases

Jun. 28, 2014

The Hamatora detectives get their own Mooncakes

July 6, 2014

Hamatora gets its own Itasha Jeep

July 14, 2014

Hamatora Gets Film, New Anime With Super-Deformed Characters

posted on 2015-03-08 08:50 EDT
2nd season of anime revolving around detective agency members with superpowers ended in September

Sentai Filmworks Press Release for Hamatora

May 14, 2015


Sentai Filmworks Licenses Hamatora Anime

posted on 2015-05-14 15:04 EDT
Anime and sequel streamed on Crunchyroll

Q. Just saw your announcement for Hamatora. Will it be a sub-only or bilingual release?

A I know the answer to this, but I’m seriously trying to not get fired today, so you’ll have to wait for that answer. It won’t be long though!