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Black screen with sound, crashes and misc


i’ve got an iphone 3gs with the latest ios. When i watch a video sometimes 4 min in or 20 min in the screen goes black with only the sound from the video over a wifi signal. So for now to work around it i pause the video, exit the anime network app then reenter it and resume were i left off with both picture and sound. Sometimes i can watch an episode and everything is working but it’s not consistent. Also it has crashed and kicked me out of the app quite a few times during video viewing. I’ve only watch angel beats when all this was happening. And lastly i know not all the anime are available in english dub but the that have that option don’t have the buttons to select english dub within the app. But when i logon on the website on my ps3 i have the option to watch high school of the dead in english dub but not on the iphone app.


Please post problems with the iOS app or Safari here:,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,5/func,view/id,62294/

The sticky service threads send out alerts to the admin and site support. Starting a new thread does not do that. You will likely get a response quicker.