Various episodes go black or never load

  1. iPad 1 [MC497LL]
  2. 5.1.1 [9B206]
  3. WiFi
  4. Safari
  5. A-Channel Ep. 6 [at this time]

7a) The specific problem is that this episode will not load; I tap the play arrow and the icon goes away but the show never loads. However, I have had many episodes of many other shows not load in the same way. Therefore, the problem is probably not the episode itself. In an attempt to fix it, I installed the App but the show did not even come up on the menu. I don’t care that it didn’t show up on the menu. My main concern is the not loading business.

7b) The other problem that happens from time to time is that during an episode, the video will go black but the audio will continue. Half of the time, if I load another episode and return to the troubled episode, it will play fine to the end. The other half of the time, the problem repeats later in the episode. [Not that it matters; but this happened quite often on my iPhone 3gs too; so one might think that it was my network or some such.]

There is a thread for reporting problems: Blog / Important Notice for Anime Network Online Users - Anime Network
Please post in that thread next time.

Any episodes loaded after a certain date aren’t going to work, and that’s what the fix is going to… er… fix.

This is in Apple’s hands, we don’t have any control over when it happens.

  1. The Black Screen… haven’t heard about that one for awhile… I’ll send that on to the Administration.

Thanks for reporting in.