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Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan / Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan


[size=16]Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan / Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan[/size]

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Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan DVD (Hyb) Special Edition

ANN Info Page

[quote]Genres: comedy, magic, romance
Themes: angels, ecchi, fanservice, gratuitous violence, magical girl
Objectionable content: Intense
Number of episodes: 8
Vintage: 2005-03-12 to 2005-09-10

Plot Summary: In the future, a man named Sakura is destined to create the technology for eternal life, which (due to Sakura’s lolicon tendencies) freezes all women’s aging once they turn twelve. God refuses to allow this, so he sends his angels to the past to kill Sakura before he can do this. But one angel, Dokuro-chan, decides to try to change the future without killing him. Problem is, Dokuro is very temperamental, and is constantly killing Sakura (and lots of other people too) in incredibly bloody ways with her giant spiked club. Good thing she can bring people back to life - if only to gruesomely kill them again the next time she loses her temper.[/quote]

[size=16]Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Second[/size]

ANN Info Page

[quote]Genres: comedy, magic
Themes: angels, dark comedy, ecchi, fanservice, gratuitous violence, magical girl, parody
Number of episodes: 4
Vintage: 2007-08-24
Objectionable content: Intense

Plot Summary: The life of the once ordinary middle school student Sakura Kusakabe changed when an angel by the name of Dokuro-chan moved into his house. This heartwarming story of love, desire and… bloodshed continues as Sakuras normal everyday life slowly crumbles into a bloody mess.[/quote]


Since I just bought the Special Edition with the new dub and it should be here Monday, and also because the other thread on this series is more just info on the SE release, I figured I would make an actual thread on this for us to enjoy.

This is another blind buy for me. I’ve heard quite a lot about this series (some bad, most good) and since they went back and dubbed it after first releasing it sub-only, and re-released it in Special Edition, I figured I’d pick it up and try it out.


I watched it. It’s okay. It is appropriate that the main male has a red uniform.


I just got through watching and I found it enjoyable. The bad run time on each espisode is 15, yes, it really like watching 6 regular episodes. Weird thing happned I was not able to watch last 2 episodes on my PS2; the episodes did not show up on the select scene section. Put it in my PS3 and the episodes showed up. My favorite episode was

were Dokur-chan killed Sakura every other minute to the point when she could no longer remember why she was killing him.


I loved this series, didn’t know they were dubbing it though! I liked the first season more, the 2nd season seemed like one of those situations where they just wanted live off the fame of the first. It’s been awhile since I watched it, so can’t remember much about it, at least not enough to share what episode I liked the most.

It was a blind buy for me, and I think it was money well spent.


Not watched yet ,but I got to say I really love how shiny all of Media Blasters disc are. Seriously it looks like the have a clear coat on top. Also love the Media Blasters two disc sets. Guess what they do? They hold the disc. Though because of the flipper I thought the disc was loose so I was like **** then opened it and breathed a sigh of relief.


Mine came in on Tue. and the first thing I thought was “damn I actually got a floater…”, though after opening it up I was rather releived to see the wing.


Consider that I am expert on this.

The packaging was not too bad. At least the disk are easy to remove unlike some Funmation packaging. Consider the design on the wing a couple of stand offs would have help and should not have add that much extra to the cost. The wings are a fairly expensive optoin.


You do realize, that neither of us were actually complaining about the wing, right?


You do realize, that neither of us were actually complaining about the wing, right?[/quote]

Besides I’m the real packaging expert here. :laugh:


I’m not a self-proclaimed expert of anything, so I have you both beat.


Decided to start on this tonight since it’s short.

Just finished up the first DVD, and I must say, this series is just funny as hell!
Since it was a blind buy, I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but I’m so glad I bought it now.


Just finished up the second DVD finishing up the series.

Man, I don’t know how this series eluded me for so long, it’s right up my alley and just funny as hell.


I know a few of us on the board have been looking foward to this or maybe dreading it.
This is something that I thought would never happen.

Dubbed Dokuro-Chan is being release by Media-Blaster on May 18th.

It’s rated 16+ so I am not sure if some sences that might be misunderstood by some people may have been removed.


I think Tommytwotacos would be estatic.


Original sub-only release was 16+ to nothing was removed from that. Oh great more stuff to take my Birthday money.


I know how that is; All my Birthday money is spend.
Now I need to use pocket change to get Anime.

Sub was release and no one told me. What a bummer.


It’s rated 16+ so I am not sure if some scenes that might be misunderstood by some people may have been removed.[/quote]

16+ seems about right for the content in it. It’s not THAT bad or anything. I think that’s what they rated the sub-only release and that’s uncut.

Anyway I’m super excited about this. I love this show, and I can’t wait to hear the dub. Gata get some money first though…lol.


Anime ratings are more broad than game/movie ratings. BTW, is this hybrid or dub only? It’s kind of a step backwards to do just sub/ just dub again. And yes I know the subs came first, and yes i know it was a financial thing.


They’re not specifically anime ratings, but the TV rating system. And gaming ratings are just as broad and really mean nothing if people don’t enforce them.

And yes, it is bilingual.