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Sharks, Gators, Pythons & Cougars. Yep, gotta’ love Florida wildlife. :grin:

Used some eBay bucks a couple months ago to order a USB DAC from China. Little black box sounds really nice.

Then this past weekend we took Seth’s garage sale find Korean clone of a Fender Stratocaster Guitar to the Guitar Center to see what it needs to be made workable again. Spoiler : Everything. It cost $20 so if it takes $200 in parts to bring it back to spec we are way ahead of the game. The original Fender that it copied was $4000.

I also bought a set of AKG Headphones, so now I look like Hifumi from New Game when she’s listening to Game tunes. :headphones:

Mark Gosdin


Twitter is down. :frowning:

EDIT - back up - barely…


I’ve been watching Bond movies since they’ve been on Starz/Encore .

This keeps getting stuck in my head .

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Hey, now I know 2 songs by A-HA, a 100% improvement over where I was before I read your post :wink:

Maybe I too should rewatch the older Bonds, but I’m torn as while Spectre left the series on such a low note for me because it was like half a Bond film and half an Austin Powers film, I was waiting for the films to get the inevitable 4K UHD HDR releases.

However, I’m sure just plain-jane blu-ray will be a yuge improvement already as I’ve only ever seen Bond in the theater on on pre-HD TV.

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Had a Stroopwafel McFlurry at McDonalds. It was great, but the big mystery is, what the heck kind of spoon is this? Hole down the middle, but not a straw. Two “air holes” in the shaft. Little clippy thing on the side. WTF?


Yesterday I had another one and some ice cream dripped out through those holes and made a mess on my shirt. Bad design imo. I had to be careful with every spoonful.


They attach to the mixing thing if I remember right so they don’t have to keep switching or cleaning the mixer attachment .




Somebody is getting paid a lot for that idea.

Thanks @psychopuppet


Fair enough. The first time I had one, it was at home where I was able to rinse the spoon clean first.

The second time was in the car so…

Now I get why the spoons are a real mess at first sight.

How I feel most of the time when I venture to other forums or blogs .



How I feel with dealing with other forums and blogsgiphy
A lot of stuff don’t interest me the older I get while using the internet


Just realize that I don’t know how to use spoilers

I just use the bare necessities


So finally found out where the pregnant kitty (well not anymore ) came from . Talked to the people across the street . Someone moved out and left their cats . Was curious why she was still clean when she came .

On the subject we don’t have anymore inside space for cats so been spending the bigger part of the day getting sunburned and roasted Alive trying to make them some shade .

Put the old sunshade we used for swap meets up and cut some UV mesh fabric they use on dog kennels up and secured it the best I could with some fishing string and wrapping it around the bar of the sunshade . To pooped to run to the hardware store to buy stuff to better secure it . Tried Velcro ,but the heat fried the adhesive before it even got stuck .

If your wondering why not just take them to a shelter or spca none of them take cats because of a stupid law my state put into effect . Then all the rescues and fosters are full .


Power went out at 7:35 pm tonight . Just came back at 1:27 am . So tomorrow looks like I’m throwing some stuff away in the refrigerator . Freezer should be good if I’m reading right .


Maybe this might be just me, but check the food before throwing it out.

Fridges do hold temperature better than we think. If memory serves me correctly, the lunch meat we had in the fridge the last time there was a hurricane in Central Florida was still edible almost 14 hours after the power went out.

(We had it for a brunch before trying to find someplace with power, cause my mum is on oxygen, and she only has so many portable tanks)

(You can call me disgusting now. It’s fine…)


I main only threw out the open stuff , stuff with eggs , and stuff with dairy that felt warm . When I checked the temperature it was almost at 60 . So better safe then sorry with that stuff . Did not throw out the Swiss or Parmesan . All three freezers are luckily packed as all can be . Garage freezers and fridge everything stayed pretty cold and it’s just drinks that were warm at one point anyway .


Not liking the looks of these next couple of days .


Looks like ours. Poor outside kitties… :cat:


A reminder to drink lots of :potable_water: and stay near the air conditioner. :wind_face:


So our momma kitty decided to move the kittens out of the house after I moved it a little to better shade . She did not go far and I think given the heat where she put them is better . Just not as easy to check on them . The ground stays cool to the touch and I did take part of a old shelf and wrapped it in a towel which she put them on after a day . After Monday it’s supposed to be back in the mid 80’s . Wednesday we are taking her and them to a place that hopefully she can go to a inside foster home until the rescue can find them homes .