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Haissan lives!

double but this was overdue:
@Slowhand is always hard at work I see.

I’m back, probably for a week, I don’t know! maybe a little bit longer.
happy to see lots of OG posters still around many appear to have retained their jobs and excelling as always.

ladies and gents it is good to see all of you and many of you I have missed terribly.

Gravity Torture

Life feels like this at times, an interrogation suspended by hooks in a gravity 3x what e are meant or adjusted to experiencing. Unfortunately we aren’t saiyans and adapting to such environments does not come to us without death.

Unless you’re really, really stubborn. Happy to see you all again!


You’re an older poster?:metal:

I used to be here but forgot my name

Yup, 06 is about when.

Oh wait, forums, I dunno if I shared this but i found out one of my biochem issues is I am Bipolar II basically i can fluctuate between depression and hypo-mania. I’ll usually get really really wound up and ready to start running circles screaming brimming with a weird kinda impulzive energy before a crash. its sucky because there is a recoil that drops that energy into a depression