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Have been following this story and it’s so incredibly sad. Whoever says that “animals” have no feelings are just crazy.

Grieving mother orca has released dead calf after carrying it for 1,000 miles

August 12, 2018


August 14, 2018


August 26, 2018




September 12, 2018


September 13, 2018


Another reason I’m not keen on having a gas line to the home.

Hollywood action films have made “use natural gas to blow up a house/building” into a cliche, like the “car explodes after going off a cliff”, but this one looks like a case of art imitating life.

Besides, if you’re gonna do gas, don’t use natural gas, use propane (and propane accessories). Hank Hill was right: “Propane is God’s Gas”. :slight_smile:


September 14, 2018


September 16, 2018


September 17, 2018


Sep. 17, 2018 04:40 pm JST / Japan Today


September 19, 2018

September 19, 2018


September 20, 2018


September 21, 2018


:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

October 2, 2018


Some people are truly incredible! :angry:


Is…is this legit?

While the anime series Alderamin on the Sky did show us that a solid way to secure a country’s border from invasion is to torch a nearby forest, but I’m not exactly sure it’s a long-term solution :smile: :roll_eyes:

The weirdest part is that, since this is 2018, I read that headline as meaning that the Border Patrol agent was throwing a party to reveal his new gender, rather than that of his child.

Is it just me, or by comparison does this IRL fiasco make Maes Hughes’ over-the-top obsession with his kid in the original Full Metal Alchemist anime seem sane? :smile:


Updated: Wednesday, October 3rd 2018, 5:40 AM EDT


October 7, 2018


Jesus, who stabs a baby? Crazy!


Another big Haitian earthquake?

I can’t say that I have any confidence in the Haitian government handling this one as, according to NPR, 3 years after the last big earthquake to hit Haiti, its capital city, Port-au-Prince, still had no sewer system, instead employing nightsoilmen to lug the waste away.

A capital city running on Dark Ages technology as recently as 2013. :confounded: :frowning:

What’s worse is, per that NPR article, the United Nations introduced Cholera into Haiti as the troops it sent into “help” were rife with it. Sheesh.

BTW, did you know that the US military occupied and redeveloped Haiti for almost 20 years? I didn’t, so I guess that’s one of those “Today I Learned” deals? :wink: