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2:46 pm, October 08, 2018


10:21 am, October 08, 2018


Florida people, BE SAFE

Supercharged overnight, Hurricane Michael menaces Florida

October 10, 2018

Oct 10, 2018

October 10, 2018


It’s well away from @MaouSadao & Myself here in Central Florida, pounding the living daylights out of the Panhandle, Mobile and will work it’s way up into Georgia in short order.

Mark Gosdin


Prayers going out to everyone who has to suffer through that. A Cat 4 upon landfall :pray:


Yea, rough storm there they say worst to hit GL panhandle ever!

Anyone take any pics?


Is it bad that I giggled out loud when I read this?


4/10 of an inch of rain? Seriously? Is that a typo?

It has to be a typo, right?

That’s a light drizzle in FL!

And that’s posted after the FL panhandle, Alabama and Georgia just got hit with a hurricane!


I know, right?

We got almost 2 inches of rain in an hour one day last week, and we weren’t even in a hurricane pathway.


If that’s what’s newsworthy, no wonder they have to deal with out of control wild fires!



Well, that’s not good at all…


No one has to do that, USPS does it all on its own. :wink:

This reminds me of the “Help! The Sky is Falling!” type panic from a few months ago about the end of Net Neutrality.

The Wikipedia article for this “Universal Postal Union” mentions that, as of 2018, it costs 2x as much to mail from the USA to the USA as it does for China to mail to the USA. :astonished:

Which looks like a pretty good indicator that the current system has some serious issues.


October 18, 2018


After reading that article, the next step will be to change “Just For Men” to “For Everyone”



This reminds me of all the flak Dr. Pepper took a few years back when they ran a tongue-in-cheek commercial that tried to make diet soda manly with the branding “Dr. Pepper 10: It’s Not for Women!” :rofl:

Why have I not heard of Mansize Kleenex before?


I don’t know, where have you been?

Kimberly-Clark said the product has been on store shelves for 60 years


I’ve lived in Oklahoma, Texas & Florida and never noticed it on the shelf. They have an industrial strength Kleenex that we buy.

Mark Gosdin


I remember seeing them when we lived in Iowa several years ago. I haven’t really noticed them lately. But then again, I haven’t looked.


Dunno, it’s not on store shelves in my area. :slightly_frowning_face:
Out of curiosity I checked the normal grocery stores as well as the local Warehouse Club.


October 24, 2018