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I’ve heard that on the news


March 6, 2019



That man had given me so many good memories watching Jeopardy with my Grandparents before they passed on.

Prayers going out for him.


Oh no, not Trebek, Jeopardy! is the best game show around.

With his storied medical history, which has even been a recent Jeopardy category (“The Medical File of Alex Trebek”; Dec 7th, 2018) , how could cancer have gotten all the way to Stage 4 without it being noticed? He was just in the hospital less than 2 years ago.

Maybe he should give Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s doctors a call? “The Notorious RBG” has beaten scads of severe medical ailments, including pancreatic cancer.


I’m too damn old, watched Jeopardy in Black & White with Art Fleming and Jay Pardo back in 1964 as a brand new morning game show.

I hope Mr. Trebek whips this, it worries me that it wasn’t caught earlier because you know that he was watching for it. Means it is moving fast.

Mark Gosdin


This saddens me but I applaud his upbeat spirit in the face of this news. He’s been hosting Jeopardy just slightly passed my whole life so far and beyond that, I’ve really been enjoying him on many other shows like Classic Concentration, High Rollers and Double Dare. I’m wishing him all the best of luck in the world that he will fight this. He’s simply amazing and it wouldn’t be the same without him in television land.


Hopefully he can beat this, and continue to host Jeopardy for the remainder of his contract.

I wonder who could replace him? He’s pretty iconic, much like Pat & Vanna on Wheel of Fortune (I do remember when Chuck Woolery & Susan Stafford hosted Wheel though)


March 10, 2019



March 11, 2019


March 12, 2019


March 13, 2019


I knew there was some corruption, but not to this extent - this makes me physically ill.


March 15, 2019