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Brighter Than the Dawning Blue / Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na -Crescent Love-

Brighter Than The Dawning Blue/Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na -Crescent Love-

Genres: action, comedy, fantasy, romance
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2006-10-04 to 2006-12-20

Plot Summary: The Earth and the Moon’s Sphere Kingdom have long had a poor relationship due to a devastating war years earlier, but Sphere Kingdom Princess Feena Fam Earthlight seeks to make steps towards changing that by doing a homestay on Earth at the home of the Earth President’s secretary, in order to learn more about life on Earth. This is not the first time that Feena and the secretary’s teenage “brother” Tatsuya have met, though, and the connection of the past contributes toward love in the present. Their love could paint a new future for Earth-Moon relations, but the resulting complications also threaten to tear everything - even the fragile international peace - apart.

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I’m waiting for a sale to get this. Keep hearing iffy things about it so want to get it for as cheap as I can. Deep Discount 25% sake is going on so guess could get it from them ,but after the packaging my Hell Girl S2 set 1 came in I don’t think I want to deal with them to save about a $1.50 more then I would during a Rightstuf sale.

this showed up on my VOD unexpectedly yesterday and i just got done with the first episode. it was funnier than i thought it was going to be so imma give the rest of the series a go and see how it all plays out…
i like the character development so far and i think its going to have some interesting twists involved…

yeah for new shows outta no where!!


Well, it wasn’t really out of nowhere, it was in the newsletter that everyone got a couple weeks ago.

As for the series though, I really enjoyed the first episode and it rather reminded me of UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie.
Not really all that similar to it (a less ecchi To Love-Ru is probably more similar to UFO), but it did give me that UFO vibe.

yeah i know but it wasnt on the schedule that i look at so i guess i forgot about it…


I got that same UFO vibe Coffee God! :slight_smile:

Episode 1 -


Not a bad first episode. I think Tatsuya is a bit smitten with Princess Feena. I like how he shows affection by tweaking noses and almost causes an incident by tweaking Feena’s nose. I get the feeling that Feena may have met him before since she tells herself that he hasn’t changed and she also mentioned to her maid that she visited Earth as a child.

I loved how they all went to dinner and Jin came flying out the window. Then he welcomes them with bits of glass in his hair and tells Feena that Tatsuya and his sister bathed together as children. What must Feena think of the people of Earth? :lol:

Plus what I thought was a paparazzi stalker turns out to be the official photographer! A “visual artist” yet! And as they have a “Welcome to Earth” toast, someone else is watching them. I think this is going to be a very enjoyable show!

I have to disagree with both of you on the Valkyrie comparison. In that series Val was the cause of much of the chaos, beginning with her crashing into the bathhouse. In this one, I don’t think Feena will cause the chaos as much as she will observe or be engulfed by it. However, it did get off to a rollicking start and I think this will be an enjoyable series.

And you’re entitled to.

However, just remember, I did say they weren’t that similar, just that I felt that way.

Yeah, Coffee, in looking back at what I said, I guess I cold have put it differently. Last night must have been an off night for me.


I’m also sure they meet as kids but for some reason Tatsuya has forgotten it. Looks like its going to be a funny series.


When Tatsuya was asked why he studied the moon so much, the person asking said something like, “Oh yeah, your dad.” That wasn’t explained completely, so the tie might be in there.

Episode 2 –


It’s really hard for a princess to lead a normal life, but I’m glad Tatsuya is there for Feena and can consider her family. It’s so cute when he tweaks her nose – he really does like her.

I love the way Takano keeps popping up. He’s not so bad. And there seems to be a bit of a mystery regarding Feena’s deceased mother. But it’s good to know that Feena shares her mother’s dream of peace between the Earth and the Moon.

I don’t know about this one. I just watched the first episode. I say I have a 50-50 chance at actually watching the whole series. It had its moments, so I’ll make sure to watch episode 2 next week.

Just saw episode one and wow. This reminds me a lot of To Loveru, except without all of the fan service(which I don’t mind). Heck, one of the girls looks a lot like Golden-Darkness too. Definitely looks like something I’m gonna like, can’t wait to see more.

Episode 3 –


Feena is curious about “working a shift” and ends up learning first hand. She has a natural flair for it too. Jin’s simulation with the hand puppets was funny, but I think Feena can handle herself just fine. Jin’s fantasy of Feena being a klutz and turning to him for help was also funny. Then he gets the idea to hold a cooking contest so Feena can learn the other end of things.

I see how Natsuki got the name of “Master Carbonizer”. She actually cooked a salad! Although Feena has never cooked, she once again shows a natural talent and wins the competition. It was really sweet of Tatsuya to eat some of Natsuki’s burnt cooking and comfort her that way – and tweak her nose. It was sweet too that Jin supported his sister by betting on her. Unfortunately he was the only one.

I don’t think Feena liked seeing Tatsuya eating Natsuki’s carbonized food, but when she burned the egg the next morning, I had a feeling it might have been on purpose. I think she was pleased when Tatsuya ate it anyway and said that he had wanted to taste her cooking. Again, he’s just a really sweet guy.

Why do I have the feeling that Feena and Tatsuya are destined to unite Earth and the Moon?

That could be a possibility. Well, it might be if

the “wacko” Master Carbonizer doesn’t come between them!! :laugh:

I watched an episode and a half, couldn’t take it anymore. I…yeah. Just could not go another second. Completely boring, uninteresting, I didn’t like any of the characters…bleah.

Well, Wicca, how else would you make a triangle? :wink:

:laugh: Newshawk!

But what about Jin? A rectangle perhaps? LOL