Question for anime buyers

When was the last time you spent $90+ on a new 20-26 episode anime series?

Would you do it again and could you spend that kind of money frequently? Like say 5-10x a year?

This question doesn’t apply to the saviors of anime industry, PP, Supermutant and Cody. :stuck_out_tongue:

This question doesn’t apply to the saviors of anime industry, PP, Supermutant and Cody. :P[/quote]


I would never do it unless it had a dub and was the best thing I’d ever seen. Even then I can’t be sure I’d spend that much. I need to find a job first before I would spend that much money. And even then, there are still lots of good old series that are cheaper that I still don’t have.

Pani Poni Dash? I would say Pumpkin Scissors but that release got screwed. Those were some of the last titles I was buying on singles when they were still coming out.

6 * 20 = 120

Would I do it again? Depends…I wouldn’t be happy about it that’s for sure. But if I got a dub, epic show I really wanted, and on singles (thus spread out over time) then yes I guess I would for that price. Would never buy a boxset for that insane amount of price, not unless it was very nice. No stackpack no thinpack, needs to be like an old CPM boxset. But I’m not made of money. I much prefur being able to afford enough anime so I always have something new to watch. Before I’d run out of stuff then be bored, because it was hella expensive. Too rich for my blood.

Last time I spent that much was during the singles era. I think it was either Eureka or Gun Sword. Probably Eureka because it was 2 seasons of singles.
Would I do it again? Umm…hard to say, with some of today’s releases I’d probly say no, with some exeptions.

I can only spend that much on such a series if A: It was one hell of a series. B: Well known one too with many perks on the dvds C: About 3 times at most a year.

Think the last series was “Kanon.” I even have the hard to find vol. 5 for that one. I would spend that money again if I really enjoyed the series. I bought all the LE editions of “Lucky Star” and “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.” My money is limited though so could not spend that much four to five times a year.

Most I ever bought an anime or was $80 for the Full Metal Panic thinpack I got at a con.

To your question, no, I wouldn’t. I get mad buying them for $60.

My brother however bought set 6 of Gatchaman $99.17, I know it is not ADV’s fault but man a rerelease would be nice for my brother.

Even though I was excluded from this question, I’m going to reply anyway :stuck_out_tongue: If we’re talking $90 on one big release, then I might be a bit apprehensive about it. I would have no problem if it were say two $45 half sets, even $50-$60 half season sets, if it were a show I really wanted.

If it were divided up into singles, I would probably be even more inclined to buy say 5 or 6 singles at $20+ a pop. Especially if an optional art box is part of the deal. $120 isn’t too bad, if it’s spread out over 6 months or so. Sadly, this model is dying a slow, painful death…

To be honest, the last time I really splurged and spend a $100+ on a release, was right after Geneon shut down. I laid down around $160 for a complete, new in box release of Fate Stay Night with Art Box. I did have a bit of buyers remorse, but I never really regretted it. Even though it did finally get re-released, the packaging was flimsy and prone to floaters. I wouldn’t trade my beautiful Geneon Art Box for anything. I think I also laid down $80-$90 for the Le Chevalier Deon Bargain Bundle at Right Stuf, and that was totally worth it.

I would definitely be willing to pay $90+ for a series, but like others have said, it would depend on the series, how it was being released, and the packaging. Perhaps a model where there is an economy release in a brick, while there is also a premium release in a chipboard thin pack might be plausible, and would give consumers an excellent option, especially if some extra features were added to the “Premium Collection”. And like most others, I would of course be willing to pay more to get a dubbed release.

I would easily lay down $90 for say a dubbed Clannad, Ghost Hound, or Tears to Tiara with some decent packaging. But I might do the same for Glass Mask or Maria Holic. It just depends on the factors I have listed.

The last time I thought about spending that amout of money on a series was with Welcome to NHK. I bought the first couple dvd’s, then we had the funi/sojitz? fiasco. I never did complete the set.
I would definitely buy something for that price if it was something I wanted. I will be picking up a few titles in the near future, but I don’t think the prices are that high.

I’m thinking about spending over $300.00 on Urusei Yatsura. :slight_smile:

You’ve been contemplating that for almost as long as I’ve been here.

It’s a big contemplation. :wink:

It’s a big contemplation. ;)[/quote]

Not really, least not to me.
The way I am, if I want it and I can get, I get it.
I don’t mull it over for 2 years.

The problem for me with UY is it’s too long, and too much. I think wanting something just for the sake of collecting, feeling of ownership vs loving the show (ie. watching it constantly) devalues its necessity a bit, especially when it’s too expensive like this. Something like this would be very borderline for me. Like if I had most things I wanted already, as PP does… I’d constantly be asking myself, is it really worth buying something just to collect? For me, usually no - so I can definitely understand his hesitance, especially given his huge backlog, a series this long requires too much time.

There’s no difference in my mind.
The end result for me is, if I want it and can get it, I get it.
There’s no middle ground with me.

There’s no difference in my mind.
The end result for me is, if I want it and can get it, I get it.
There’s no middle ground with me.[/quote]

So what if you want 10 things, but can only get one of them?

26 Episodes. I might have paid around $90.00 for Mahormatic.
I think at the time it came down from $130.00.
It had to be around 4 years ago when I was desperate to see any good Anime.

Paying $63.00 for first 26 episodes of Soul Eater.
Not sure if I will pay 119.96 for the next two volumes.

$300.00 for Urusei Yatsura is temping for me.

Starting January, I spent over $200.00 on Anime (Christmas/Birthady Money)
Slow down the rest of the year typically end up spending around $500.00
I am pretty sure that I use to deduct my spending on Anime network channel.

For $200, I have gotten several complete collections 26+ episodes.
Most of the Animes were released a couple of years ago.

So what if you want 10 things, but can only get one of them?

Obviously I’d get one of them, now wouldn’t I?

That’s essentially the problem PP has though. If he just wanted UY and nothing else, he could easily get it. He spends that kind of money on anime per month easily. But since he gets/wants so much stuff stuff gets prioritized based on his budget. UY is a want, but not necessarily enough for immediacy. :wink:

For example I’ve wanted Marmalade Boy for a while now, but every time I get money, I end up getting something going OOP that I must have.