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Caption This!


I have no idea what any of this has to do with “CAPTION This” since they are none of them captions for the image, but wouldn’t Psychic Squid be wrong to follow Cream Eater Merry? I would figure you would have gone for something better as a follow up like…Hentai Scaring Children based off it’s original name.


[quote=“shadzar, post:323, topic:6355”]
I have no idea what any of this has to do with “CAPTION This” since they are none of them captions for the image[/quote]
It had to do with titles of things, which sort of followed along with the theme.
I was taking it broadly.


TBH, that one didn’t occur to me; does it work by only changing one letter?

Between “love, erection and chocolate” and relating dream eater merry to the lascivious character played by her voice actress in Number Six (if you’ve seen that dub, you know lol), I figured I ought to pass the prurient baton on :wink:

Thinking back, princess tutu might have been improved if it had been about an oppressive government and a violent civil war between two tribes.


Pictures are not being captioned in the captioning thread. What do I do?


Caption this:




OH! carrying over the twitter nonsense game. Maybe that could have been a new game to add “Change One Letter”



These guys are our inspiration. Vote Y or N for this to be our group office costume! If you don’t know about Detroit Metal City, educate yo’self >
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The auditions for men who think they’re tough enough to handle Slowhand’s dungeon.

I vote Yes. :stuck_out_tongue:


I second this! :metal:

And I also vote “Yes!”



For your safety and others around you, please refrain from flash photography towards the crazy girl during the…oh too late.

I vote yes. So completely badass. :thumbsup:


[size=18]The value of X is what you say?[/size]

[size=18]Perv’ Destroyer Super Jump Kick![/size]

[size=18]Ah great, it looks like Gene came by the office again.[/size]

Opps… for what it is worth, I vote YES!


Let’s mix it up and have a little fun. Caption this shot from Dai Shogun


Oh clumsy me. I seemed to have dropped my phone down your chest. I guess I’ll have to go grab it.



There are only 2 good things about this show, and you have them.


Mt. Suribachi here I come!


Get those boobs out of my way lady, there are cookies on the table behind you!


What size are they