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Captions for Koi Koi Seven Ep 12


I don’t think there is anything TAN can do about it, but the captions for Koi Koi Seven Ep 12 on the online player run very far ahead of the dialogue. In other words, the captions show up before the people speak by a good 6-7 seconds. Really makes it interesting to follow.


redshirt1 wrote:

For the whole show or just parts of it? If the latter, how long does it happen?


The entire show. You can see it immediately, as the captions start before the guy even speaks. In fact, they start before you even see him.


I would check, but I don’t want to be spoiled (still not up to ep 12 yet). :wink: I did report it to them though a few min. ago and they’ll likely check it as soon as they can.


The whole show goes with the the caption ahead of the dialog. Its kind of funny in some spots but does make it interesting to follow.


ressler717 wrote:

Hmmm… you could pretend you were psychic… :wink:


True but when the captions say " I wonder if I still love him," and its the principle talking I start laughing and miss a few lines.


So I wasn’t the only one :slight_smile:


Yeah I reported this problem to the staff a few weeks ago.